Who Tucker Carlson is accusing of “white supremacy” will leave you stunned in disbelief

Tucker Carlson is no stranger to controversy.

On a nearly nightly basis, Carlson routinely challenges the convictions of both his guests and audience with facts and humor, which is what’s undoubtedly fueled his meteoric rise to the top of cable news.

So when Tucker labels something “white supremacy” you know he has a good reason for it. But who he is accusing of it will leave you speechless.

The ugly and unrelenting pursuit of power

In American politics, there is no low that people won’t stoop to to either possess or obtain power.

And as Kevin Spacey reminds us in Netflix’s hit political drama House of Cards, “The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties.”

Now neither political party has remained consistent from its beginning through today, but the Democrats have been particularly hypocritical, especially when it comes to race.

For years, we’ve had to listen to leftists lecture the rest of the country about how horrible America is for our history of slavery and that everything today is irredeemably racist because of that original sin.

But because of their thirst for power, it’s perfectly okay for the party of the “woke” be led by a man (Joe Biden) who delivered a eulogy for a member and organizer of the Ku Klux Klan (Democrat Senator Robert Byrd) and wrote one of the most repressive laws against African-Americans in recent history.

How else could these leftists be okay with Democrat leaders proudly dawning themselves with African kente cloths, which have historical ties to the West African slave trade, to score cheap political points with the Fake News Media?

And how else can Democrats who in one breath would decry any legitimate criticism of Barack Obama’s policies as an act of racism, and in another call black conservatives like Justice Clarence Thomas and Senator Tim Scott some of the most vile racial slurs imaginable?

It does not make sense and that’s because it’s not supposed to make sense.

Racism, for Democrats, is a club to be used against their political opponents.

Democrats’ Kamala conundrum

In case you haven’t noticed, Kamala Harris has suspiciously been absent from the headlines and news of the day for quite some time.

Now that’s not by accident, it’s by design because Democrat leaders are becoming increasingly nervous about their political chances of retaining control of the White House in 2024.

Ordinarily, one would assume that Vice President Kamala Harris would be the party’s nominee should Joe Biden not run for reelection.

However, that appears not to be the case as more and more Democrats and leftist talking heads have publicly started to turn on the Vice President.

So much so that Tucker Carlson picked up on the trend and recently did an entire segment about it on his Fox News show.

“They’re pretending like she doesn’t exist. In effect, in doing that, the Democratic Party is embracing white supremacy. How? Well, Democratic Party leaders plan to deny Harris a job that she has earned as Democratic nominee and replace her in the next cycle with yet another, wait for it now, white man. Let’s try Beto, how about Mayor Pete. Notice a theme here?” Carlson said.

But the fiery Fox News host was not done giving the Democrats a taste of their own medicine and continued by saying, “Now, suddenly because she’s a moron and no one likes her or agrees how to pronounce her first name, the Democratic Party is trying to throw Harris away. Toss her out the window like a used Big Mac wrapper. Now Kamala Harris may be stained with secret sauce but she deserves more than that.”

Whether or not Tucker Carlson actually cares about Kamala Harris’ political future remains to be seen.

But Tucker’s right to point out the Democrats’ Harris hypocrisy and hold them accountable to the racial rules their leftist base has written.

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