Who Liz Cheney is begging to help save her job will leave you speechless

For years, Congresswoman Liz Cheney was able to suppress her inner RINO and trick Wyoming’s conservatives into supporting her.

But now the jig is up and her political career is on life support because of her recent actions.

So much so that the group of Wyomingites she’s begging to save her job will make your jaw drop.

Another Cheney without an exit strategy

Now Rep. Cheney was not always publicly the RINO we’ve seen on Fake News Media channels like CNN and MSNBC.

Before 2021, Cheney was considered by some to be a rising Republican star.

She voted with President Trump nearly ninety three percent of the time.

According to The New York Times, she publicly feuded with Rand Paul over who was more “Trumpier” in 2019.

And on her 2016 campaign website, she campaigned as a traditional conservative who wanted to reduce the size and scope of the government, boost America’s domestic energy production, cut regulatory red tape and weaken the power of government agencies like the EPA, protect life, and increase America’s military might.

However in 2021, Cheney made the grave political error of believing Twitter more than her constituents, which is the source of all her recent political woes.

You see, one can disagree with President Trump from time to time.

One could even attack him and be able to find oneself back in his good graces like Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz.

But to help the Democrats try to end his political career is a bridge too far for conservatives and even most Republicans.

And because Cheney listened to Twitter more than her constituents, she voted with the Democrats to impeach President Trump, thus sealing her political fate.

This vote then caused Rep. Cheney to be censured by and then later kicked out of the Wyoming Republican Party, to lose her leadership position as House Republican Conference Chair, and to be primaried by a Trump-endorsed candidate.

Cheney’s chickens have come home to roost

And it is Trump-endorsed primary challenger Harriet Hageman who is causing Cheney to lose sleep at night.

In December, Cheney’s challenger had an eight point lead in the polls.

However, Hageman’s lead over Cheney has skyrocketed twenty eight points!

This news has clearly rattled the sitting Congresswoman as she has now turned to Democrats to save her proverbial bacon.

Recently, Rep. Cheney sent direct mailers to Wyoming Democrats, with instructions on how they can switch parties and vote for her in the August primary.

When asked if Rep. Cheney’s dirty trick is likely to work, Wyoming Democrat Party Chairman Joseph Barbuto said, “Even if every Democrat in the state switched over, I don’t think it’d be enough to help her.”

Even though the move has drawn a lot of criticism from both political parties, Cheney is doing her best to court Democrat voters.

Not only has Congresswoman Cheney joined Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 kangaroo court, but she also recently voted with the Democrats to pass their recent anti-Second Amendment gun control law.

Whether or not these desperate moves will be enough to save her job remains to be seen.

But what is abundantly clear is that despite having a very large political war chest, Cheney is clearly afraid of Harriet Hageman. 

US Political Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.