While working class Americans struggle the Biden regime made one big move for illegal aliens

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

The American economy is on the brink of total collapse and it’s all at the hands of radical leftist policies.

People are facing prices for goods and services that they never dreamed of, and banks are falling apart.

Now while working class Americans struggle, the Biden regime made one big move for illegal aliens.

Biden changes definition of “lawful presence” in favor of DACA recipients

President Joe Biden is making good on his promise to provide for illegal aliens from cradle to grave while the American people are facing an uncertain future.

He announced plans to begin providing even more health care support to those illegal aliens who are covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

President Biden asked the Department of Health and Human Services to redefine the term “lawful presence” to give DACA recipients access to Medicaid and Affordable Care Act coverage.

This will allow illegal aliens to apply for taxpayer-funded health insurance, as well as through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

This is part of Biden’s broader effort to create a country in which U.S. citizens play by the rules and work their entire lives to ensure DACA recipients – or “Dreamers,” as Democrats like to romanticize them – are provided with whatever handouts they’re needed from their birth to natural passing.

President Biden has previously stated that he would like Congress to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

Congress has still yet to consider the legislation, but that’s not stopping Biden from moving forward with unilateral executive actions.

Biden calls migrant children “America’s children”

Announcing the plan, Biden mentioned the DACA program that he and former President Barack Obama created.

In his announcement he said they “knew it would transform lives and it has,” adding that the plan brought “stability and possibility to hundreds of thousands of young people known as Dreamers.”

The President even called the children of immigrants, “America’s children.”

He said that the United States is “the only home they’ve ever known,” and that is why they deserved to have American taxpayers foot the bills for all of their needs.

At that point, Biden invoked the tried and true message of every socialist, “Health care should be a right, not a privilege.”

That’s why his regime is “announcing [the] plan to expand health coverage for DACA recipients by allowing them to enroll in a plan” backed by taxpayer dollars.

But changing the definition of “lawful presence” will do more than affect healthcare.

DACA recipients to receive career and credit counseling at taxpayer expense

The effects of this definition change will go beyond what healthcare programs DACA recipients will enjoy.

It will also give illegal aliens access to a variety of other federal programs.

It will put them in the running for career development programs for young people, like AmericaCorps Vista, Job Corps, and YouthBuild.

DACA recipients will be able to apply for assistance with housing, and be given access to credit counseling services.

They’ll even be given new protections under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

No one should be taken advantage of by lenders or big banks, but these programs are all funded by actual taxpayers, while illegal aliens continue to be allowed to enjoy all those benefits while evading taxes of their own.

The problem with all these expansions is that they are things that should be approved by Congress.

The Biden regime would like nothing more than providing each and every illegal alien in the country every taxpayer-funded handout they can conceive, and this is just their way of circumventing the Constitution’s separation of powers.

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