Wheel of Fortune fans came completely unhinged after Vanna White made this announcement about her future

Screenshot via Youtube, ET Canada

Vanna White has been a fixture on Wheel of Fortune for decades.

But the hit game show is undergoing some major changes.

And Wheel of Fortune fans came completely unhinged after Vanna White made this announcement about her future.

Wheel of Fortune is one of the longest-running and most popular game shows since it debuted in 1975.

Since 1982, fans have been able to count on seeing host Pat Sajack, and hostess Vanna White, on their television sets.

Wheel of Fortune is in the middle of changing of the guard after Sajack announced that he was going to retire after the next season.

Media personality Ryan Seacrest was announced as the show’s next host beginning in the fall of 2024, turning speculation to White’s future as she has worked alongside Sajack for decades.

White’s future with Wheel of Fortune was up in the air because she was reportedly unhappy with her contract with the game show.

Puck reported that White hadn’t received a pay raise in 18 years, and that Sajack was making considerably more money than her.

She hired high-powered lawyer Bryan Freedman, who represents former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, to fight for a pay increase from the show’s producer, Sony.

White has become iconic in her role as the letter-turner, and has become synonymous with the show. 

It appeared as though this could very well be her final on the show if things weren’t resolved.

Fortunately for Wheel of Fortune fans, though, the two sides have agreed to a new two-year contract and pay raise that will keep White with the show into 2026.

“As previously announced, Wheel of Fortune’s Season 41, which kicked off this past week, will be the last for host Pat Sajak,” the show wrote in a statement. “The show will celebrate the 41-derful seasons with him at the helm. Co-host Vanna White has extended her contract for an additional two years, keeping her revealing letters at the iconic puzzleboard through the 2025-2026 season.”

White, who became the regular hostess in December 1982, will be able to help Seacrest with his transition to hosting.

An insider told The New York Post that “the show’s producers want to make sure it’s a smooth transition between having Sajak and Seacrest as hosts and think that having White there could really help smooth out the change for viewers.”

Seacrest congratulated White on her new contract, and said that he was excited to work with her during an appearance on NBC’s Sunday Today.

“This is such great news,” Seacrest said. “Vanna has been such a staple on that show and in our living rooms for so many years. I have been very excited to work with her, but now that it’s official, I can say, ‘Congratulations Vanna! I can’t wait.’”

Vanna White will be able to go out on her own terms on Wheel of Fortune after she became one of the most iconic parts of the show.

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