What’s happening to Christians inside one of America’s biggest “allies” will rock you to your core

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

American faith leaders and politicians have worked hand-in-hand to provide as much public financial support to the Holy Land as they can get. 

But it looks like that support from American Christians is a one-way street. 

And what’s happening to Christians inside one of America’s biggest “allies” will rock you to your core.

Israel wouldn’t exist today without American Christians

When a coalition of protestant voters gravitated towards Republicans back in the 1970s, the political landscape in America changed like never before.

The resulting social conservative movement allied the Republican Party to stay in the fight while remaining a viable party as society continues to go down more of an anti-Christian route. 

And one of the biggest outcomes of the coalition between Christians and conservatives has been unwavering support for Israel in both military and financial aid. 

According to the Congressional Research Service, the United States has given Israel over $158 billion since 1971. 

That doesn’t even cover all the moves and money provided to the Middle East to protect and defend Israel from its neighbors. 

But it looks like all that support generated by the conservative movement for Israel has just been a one way street. 

The justification for providing that amount of funding has ranged from making an example of a vibrant democracy in the Middle East to securing the Holy Land as a safe place for Christians to visit.

Christians face persecution in the Holy Land

But recently there have been countless videos posted online of verbal and physical abuse of Christians in Israel. 

Christians just minding their business are assaulted, even including helpless nuns. 

And finally, these actions are being called out by the Christian group Aid to the Church in Need.

“For over the past year, some of our churches, funeral processions, and places of public gathering have become targets of attack; some of our holy sites and cemeteries have been desecrated; and some of our ancient liturgies, such as the Palm Sunday Procession and the Holy Fire Ceremony, have been closed off to thousands of worshipers,” the non-profit wrote in a statement.

“This is in spite of our agreements to cooperate with the governing authorities, and to accommodate any reasonable requests that they might present,” the statement added.

Even The Times of Israel is calling out the growing violence against Christians. 

According to The Times, Christian leaders in Israel “tell of a deteriorating atmosphere of harassment, apathy from authorities, and a growing fear that incidents of spitting and vandalism could turn into something far darker.”

Christians should be respected by any nation that receives aid from the United States, and especially the Holy Land, as it plays such an important part of the Christian faith. 

Something needs to change in Israel.

Should the United States continue to give Israel billions of dollars?