What’s currently transpiring in Paris is a cautionary tale for what Democrats have in store for America should Trump win in November

Yann Caradec from Paris, France, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats have long modeled their political ideology after European left-wing extremists. 

But in recent years they’ve actually overtaken Europeans with their obsession with woke extremism.

And now what’s currently transpiring in Paris is a cautionary tale for what Democrats have in store for America should Trump win in November.

Biden’s debate performance tees up a potential Trump victory 

It’s tough for Democrats to spin last Thursday’s Presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. 

Millions of Americans got a firsthand look of what Joe Biden is like when he’s not surrounded by handlers and a teleprompter. 

But they’re trying. 

They’re blaming a cold, and the fact that the debate was after 4 P.M. for the Democrat President’s historically horrible performance on the dais. 

Meanwhile, they’re also trying to shift focus to a lack of supposed “fact-checking” from the moderators, and so-called “lies” from Trump. 

While Trump does have a habit of speaking plainly and exaggerating, it was in fact President Biden who couldn’t stop lying to the American public. 

In the rare instances in which you could understand and track what Biden was saying, it usually was a lie. 

Biden lied about Trump’s economic record, about Trump’s comments on January 6, about Trump’s comments following Charlottesville, about “losers and suckers,” and many more lies. 

The Biden campaign is relying on debunked conspiracies about Trump to carry them to victory in November.

However, post-debate polling indicates that Trump is in his best position yet to retake the White House. 

And recent riots in Paris could be an indication of what Americans can expect from Democrats should Trump hold onto his current lead. 

French voters support the Trump of France

While Americans are preparing for an election in a few months, France just held one. 

France has an odd election system consisting of multiple rounds. 

In round one, President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance scored a meager 21% of the vote, and lost tons of seats in the French parliament.  

The New Popular Front – an alliance of center-left Socialists, greens and far-left parties – finished in second place with about 28%.

And winning the day and many parliamentary seats was The National Rally – a more populist, conservative coalition – with 33% of the vote.  

Voters will head back to the polls for round two on July 7, and The National Rally and its leader, Marine Le Pen, is favored to win an absolute majority in the government on that day. 

And the leftist Parisians are losing their minds. 

French sore losers get violent and riot 

Protests broke out in Paris and several other French cities following the round one results. 

Much like with pro-Hamas, Antifa, and Black Lives Matters protests here in the states, it wasn’t long before the supposedly “peaceful protests” morphed into full-on riots. 

You can see some of the violence breaking out in the three videos above. 

Thousands of unhinged left-wing radicals unleashed chaos, vandalizing storefronts, destroying property, and starting dangerous fires.

“Mass Demonstrations and Riots by Far-Left Groups alongside Islamists are ongoing tonight in the French Capital of Paris as well as several other Cities around the Country . . .” Open Source Intelligence Monitor tweeted. “In Response to today’s Election Results which saw the Right-Wing Populist Party, National Rally led by Marine Le Pen make Major Gains in the French Parliament. Notice how out all of the Flags being waved by these Demonstrators, none are the French Flag.” 

In another video from the riot, left-wing extremists can be seen shooting pyrotechnics at buildings. 

Given Democrats’ idolization of Europe – not to mention their track record of behavior any time something doesn’t go their way – Americans should be preparing for the same type of violence should Donald Trump defeat Joe Biden this November. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.