What transpired after Bruce Springsteen claimed he’ll leave America if Donald Trump wins the Presidency will leave you flabbergasted

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Many Bruce Springsteen fans have long overlooked the fact that he has spent decades using his celebrity platform to advance Democrats’ radical agenda.

His most recent left-wing threat seems to be a final straw for many.

And what transpired after Bruce Springsteen claimed he’ll leave America if Donald Trump wins the Presidency will leave you flabbergasted.

The Boss can bash Trump but he can’t sing

Rock icon Bruce Springsteen has canceled his upcoming shows during his European tour as he deals with what doctors have called “voice issues.”

Springsteen, known to his millions of devoted fans as The Boss, recently made news by announcing he would move to Australia if former President Donald Trump won the 2024 Presidential election over President Joe Biden.

Then, even before the fan outrage over that announcement had died down, a Saturday show in France was canceled just hours before it was set to begin.

“Due to vocal issues and under doctor’s direction, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s concert this evening at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille has been postponed to a later date. We thank you for your understanding and will keep you informed of the new date very soon,” Springsteen’s Instagram account announced. 

Then, on Sunday, more concert cancellations were announced.

“Following yesterday’s postponement in Marseille due to vocal issues, further examination and consulting has led doctors to determine that Bruce should not perform for the next ten days,” the Instagram account posted.

The post continued, “With this in mind, additional postponements are required for Airport Letnany in Prague (originally scheduled for May 28) and San Siro Stadium in Milan (originally scheduled for June 1 and 3). New dates for these shows will be announced shortly.” 

“Bruce is recuperating comfortably, and he and the E Street Band look forward to resuming their hugely successful European stadium tour on June 12 in Madrid at the magnificent Civitas Metropolitan,” the post concluded.

The Boss is showing his age

Springsteen, who has been touring and cranking out albums for more than 50 years, is now 71 years-old.

And it is starting to show in the form of increasing health problems.

Last fall, Springsteen had to cancel parts of a U.S. tour due to a peptic ulcer, according to the New York Post.

“When I had the stomach problem, one of the big problems was I couldn’t sing,” Springsteen said in March during the SiriusXM program E Street Radio With Jim Rotolo.

“At first, nobody was quite saying that, which made me nervous, you know? And at the end of the day, I found some great doctors, and they straightened me out, and I can’t do anything but thank them all,” he said at the time.

Other than his wildly successful half a century music career, Springsteen is active in Democrat politics, and was a very public supporter of former President Barack Obama.

His activism spans back almost as long as his career in music.

He was famously part of the ‘No Nukes’ concert series that spanned from 1979-1982, and he infuriated police with his anti-police rhetoric during a concert at Madison Square Garden in 2000.

At that concert police officers turned their backs to him as many in the audience booed The Boss. 

But it has been Springsteen’s loud opposition to Trump that has caused him the most pain with his fan base.

Springsteen has long despised the former President, regurgitating Democrats’ unhinged claim that Trump is a “threat to our democracy” in 2020. 

The former President made it clear during a recent rally in Springsteen’s home state of New Jersey that he isn’t worried much about the aging singer’s influence.

“I love these Saturday evenings. Is there anything better than a Trump rally?” Trump said during a May 11 rally in Wildwood, New Jersey.

“If some of these wackos came along, you know, these liberal singers, they’d actually vote for me. You know they’d all vote for me. You know, like Bruce Springsteen. We have a much bigger crowd than Bruce Springsteen. Right?” he added.

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