What the woke left-wing outrage mob did to two elderly pro-lifers will make you sick to your stomach

Politically-motivated violence has been skyrocketing across the United States in recent years.

The pro-life movement is getting the brunt of the politically-motivated attacks.

And now what the woke left-wing outrage mob did to two elderly pro-lifers will make you sick to your stomach.

American politics has become a bloodsport

The U.S. was literally built on the idea that sensible people could disagree and still resolve their differences without resorting to violence.

And for years, as Americans argued and debated many gut-wrenching political topics without much, if any, violence, that proved to be the American way.

But something’s changed over the past few years, as both society and the political environment have become far more violent.

Now, it’s almost expected that there will be some type of violence or acts of aggression against those who hold political beliefs that run contrary to the woke left-wing agenda.

Each week a new story detailing an attack or verbal assault against conservative for their beliefs pops up, like when the media gloated after the left-wing outrage mob egged Trump supporters at rallies during the 2016 Presidential election.

But of all the conservative groups, none are attacked to the level of pro-lifers.

Will the violence against pro-lifers ever end?

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade just a year ago, violence against pro-life supporters has skyrocketed.

Pro-life organizations and churches have been fire-bombed by the woke left-wing outrage mob, despite few arrests.

And pro-life organizations, like the Students for Life, can’t go to a public university without being verbally assaulted or attacked, putting their lives in danger.

Just look at how they were treated at Virginia Commonwealth University.

But of all the attacks against pro-lifers, this one may finally wake up the average American to the level of violence the pro-life movement is facing.

Last Friday morning, two elderly pro-life supporters were ruthlessly beaten in front of a Planned Parenthood facility in Baltimore.

Dick Schafer and Mark Crosby, 73 and 80 years old respectively, were beaten in front of the Planned Parenthood facility for simply quietly praying for young women going into the abortion clinic.

Schafer was able to escape with just more minor injuries, but Crosby didn’t fare as well, as he was rushed to the hospital after the attack.

According to someone close to Crosby, his “plate bone in his upper right cheek is completely fractured” and “is bleeding from some unidentified area behind his eye and the bone eye orbit is completely shattered and will have to be replaced with metal.”

According to police, the attacker asked a Planned Parenthood abortion escort to hold his drink before he beat the two elderly pro-lifers.

The police describe the assailant as “a white man with brown hair and a full beard, and he was wearing brown shoes, a gray T-shirt.”

This story should fill you with anger.

We have hit such a low in our political discourse that now elderly Americans are being brutally beaten on the streets for their political beliefs.

Are pro-lifers the Left’s biggest target?