What the Vatican did to this pro-life priest will make you sick

The Catholic Church was once the greatest force in the fight to protect the unborn. 

But left-wing forces have infiltrated the church and are pushing them away from this important doctrine. 

And what the Vatican did to this pro-life priest will make you sick.

Kicked out of the Priesthood for upholding Catholic doctrine

Father Frank Pavone is one Catholic priest who hasn’t been shy about standing up for the unborn. 

But recently, the Vatican defrocked him for alleged “blasphemous social media posts” and disobedience to his Bishop. 

Archbishop Christophe Pierre stated that there was no chance for appeal. 

In a recent social media post Pavone wrote, “We have only just begun exposing #abortion, exposing the Democrats, exposing the Swamp (in both the state & the church).”

He went on to say “One of the tactics of them all is that they think they can get away with their evil and shut the rest of us up. Wow, have they underestimated their opponents!” 

Pavone received several statements of support from the faithful. 

One user wrote, “Father as a cancelled priest, I feel what you feel, but in the end our rewards for standing up for the Truth, for Christ and His Church will be eternal happiness with Our Lord and Blessed Mother.”

In another post, Pavone noted that in nearly every occupation these days, standing up for the unborn will lead to you being treated like them, and unfortunately, now the Church is no exception. 

Pavone was investigated by the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas for sharing a video of an aborted baby placed on an altar. 

While some may find such a display horrific, it exposed just how horrific abortion is. 

The Left and the so-called “mainstream” media has worked to sanitize abortion in the eyes of the public. 

Sometimes such displays are necessary to show what abortion actually is: the brutal murder of the most vulnerable of human beings. 

The Swamp has infiltrated the Church

As Pavone pointed out, the Swamp has taken hold not only within government, but in the Church as well. 

Pavone’s dismissal comes at a time when the church has strayed from sound doctrine. 

Much of this comes from the rise of Jesuits within the church. 

Jesuits have long sought to weaken the Church’s stance on social issues like abortion and homosexual marriage, and have also pushed other leftist priorities, like “green energy” and open borders.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit to ascend to the Papacy, and it shows in the issues he prioritizes. 

Recently, there have been several examples of the Church’s weakened stance on the issue of abortion.

Pro-abortion politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are allowed to take communion in front of news cameras and have even been allowed to speak from the pulpit in some churches. 

This year, the Washington Archdiocese canceled the youth rally and Mass for Life, which have taken place annually for the last 25 years. 

The disturbing direction the Church has taken over the years has led to many Catholics feeling disillusioned, and some have even abandoned their faith as a result.

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