What CNN is calling “America’s True Birthday” will leave you red with rage

The late, great dystopian fiction author George Orwell once wrote in his legendary book 1984, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

Unfortunately, the Left has perverted George Orwell’s work from the dire warning it was intended to be into a “how-to” guide.

And what CNN is calling “America’s True Birthday” will leave you red with rage.

“Who controls the present controls the past”

One could dismiss the Left’s newfound obsession with rewriting history as a passing fancy, born out of leftist history professors needing to stay relevant by publishing woke nonsense to brainwash the next generation of America’s youth.

But one would be dead-wrong for doing so.

The Left is taking this very seriously and rapidly expanding it outside of the world of academia and America’s college campuses.

Before Critical Race Theory (CRT) became the sensation that was sweeping the nation, The New York Times Magazine created the 1619 Project.

According to The New York Times Magazine’s own website, the goal of its newfound initiative is to “reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”

And it is because of this false interpretation of American history, which argues among other things that America was founded to protect slavery, that gave rise to the spread of CRT throughout our public education system.

Just think, in less than four years time more than 4,000 teachers have gotten lesson plans from the 1619 Project, according to USA Today.

But even before the 1619 Project was formed, leftists were running around the country, tearing down statues, and renaming highways and roads, high schools and colleges, and even military bases.

Given all of this recent flurry of activism, one has to wonder why they are so hell-bent on woke-washing America’s history?

It’s because if the Left can convince enough people to hate America’s past the more people will listen to them now as they try to corrupt America’s future, which is what we’re witnessing now with the Left’s hijacking of “Juneteenth.”

“Who controls the past controls the future”

Historically, June 19, 1865 was known as the day that Union troops, who had been marching and freeing slaves throughout the south as they went, reached their last stop in Galveston, Texas and read General Order No. 3, known as the Juneteenth order, which marked the end of slavery in America.

And ever since then it was celebrated as an informal holiday by the descendants of American slaves and in black communities.

But now the radical Left has tried to hijack it as part of their twisted anti-American agenda.

Over the weekend, CNN contributor Peniel Joseph called Juneteenth “America’s true birthday” and a group called Black Bodies for Black Power hosted a march in the streets of Washington, D.C. to the Supreme Court to promote their “fight for reproductive justice,” meaning abortions.

Now what’s particularly perverse about this is that a self-proclaimed black power group is marching in support of an act that statistically kills more black babies than any other race.

But what’s even more stunning is that in just one year’s time the Left has hijacked this holiday and twisted it to advance their own agenda.

What should be a day of celebration, a day remembered as the day when America fulfilled the promises it made in the Declaration of Independence for all people, is now being used as a tool to deepen divisions amongst our fellow citizens.

And by calling Juneteenth “America’s true birthday,” as CNN and The New York Times would like, the Left is corrupting the spirit of the holiday and exploiting it for their own purposes.

Hopefully enough Americans are realizing what the Left is trying to do with our history.

But whether or not enough will in time remains to be seen.

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