Washington Post “journalists” are melting down over the major reality Jeff Bezos just hit them with

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has spent millions upon millions of dollars propping up the failing Washington Post since he purchased the outlet in 2013.

Yet the paper continues to circle the drain as it routinely turns out biased articles that promote woke propaganda and target those who oppose Democrats’ agenda in any way.

But now Washington Post “journalists” are melting down over the major reality check Jeff Bezos just hit them with.

Technology: good or bad? 

Whenever anyone complains about an advancement in technology, typically someone is there to mention people’s fears back in the day of the automobile putting the horse and buggy industry out of business.

And while there are some issues with that analogy – the point usually holds. 

Technological advancements have created entirely new industries, and greatly improved the quality of life for humans across the globe.

Think about the automotive industry. 

You have the manufacturers, the dealers, the mechanics, the auto parts shops, and more – and that’s before you even get into the industry created to fuel all the automobiles. 

But while many of those same benefits could very well arise from advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), there are also downsides that must be addressed.

AI is different from other technological advancements 

First and foremost, the overwhelming majority of those in Silicon Valley and elsewhere who are attempting to develop AI, are woke extremists who are intentionally programming the AI to be woke by only feeding it left-wing propaganda in the machine learning process.

Late last year, President Joe Biden also issued an executive order for the so-called “Blueprint for AI Bill of Rights.” 

The blueprint instructs government agencies already weaponized by Democrats to ensure AI is developed and designed “in an equitable way,” monitoring 15 different categories to ensure AI follows the woke Left’s so-called “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” initiatives.

Second, globalists have plans for AI to control elections. 

Former World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab said as much at this year’s WEF conference in Davos, when he claimed that AI would supposedly be able to so accurately “predict” how voters will cast their ballots, elections supposedly wouldn’t even be needed anymore.

“So, technology now, and digital technology, mainly have an analytical power,” Schwab said. “Now, we go into predictive power, and we have seen the first examples. But then the next step could be to go into prescriptive mode, which means you do not even have to have elections anymore because you can already predict. And afterward, you can say, why do we need elections?”

And finally, over time, AI is likely to cost millions of Americans their livelihoods.  

AI is about efficiency – so there will never be nearly as many AI programming jobs created as the number of positions across the spectrum that will eventually be eliminated due to AI. 

And the self-proclaimed “journalists” at The Washington Post are about to learn that the hard way. 

Welcome to the robot news 

The Washington Post reportedly lost $77 million in the last year, and have lost 50% of its readers since 2020. 

Now, Amazon founder and The Post’s owner Jeff Bezos, and the paper’s executives, are looking to tighten the belt and reduce costs in an attempt to make the crumbling paper profitable again. 

And they’re looking at integrating AI to make that happen. 

The left-wing media outlet Semafor – run by former Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith – recently interviewed The Post’s Chief Technology Officer Vineet Khosla about the future of AI in news. 

“I totally get that there is a huge fear of A.I. everywhere,” Khosla said. “But I want us to go beyond the fear. The way I see us operate is we have AI everywhere. We have AI in our newsroom; we have AI with our consumers; we have AI in the business.” 

Khosla added that the proper way for The Post’s employees to think of AI is as a “copilot.”

The move to replace reporters with AI comes as the Daily Fetch recently reported that Bezos has said he will soon stop subsidizing The Washington Post’s losses.

That means, soon, Americans will no longer receive their news from woke, self-proclaimed “journalists.”

And will instead begin receiving it from robots programmed by woke techies in Silicon Valley.

Of course, the real secret here is that it’s already started.

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