Washington, D.C.’s Mayor just got shut down by the Pentagon over her latest cry for help

Washington, D.C. has a problem.

It seems the political elite are finally feeling some of the ill effects of a problem created from their own doing.

But the Pentagon just denied Washington, D.C.’s request for help from the National Guard.

Pentagon officials say “no” to using the National Guard

Thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into Washington, D.C. from states like Arizona and Texas, and it’s all thanks to Biden’s terrible policies.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser originally asked for 150 National Guard members to help deal with the massive increase of illegals.

She also requested a “suitable federal location” to create a processing center and a space for housing, specifically mentioning the Washington, D.C. Armory as a possible spot.

But her request was shot down by the Pentagon, which claimed that using the National Guard would interfere with more important duties, like military training.

The Pentagon also said “no” to the Armory request, mentioning that it would cost too much to make any necessary changes and repairs that would make the Armory suitable for temporary housing.

Bowser claimed that the housing request would only be for 90 days, but we all know better.

In an official letter, the Defense Department mentioned that FEMA has provided ample funding to address the problem.

They also stated that the city should continue working with non-governmental groups to deal with the issue of illegal aliens.

The Pentagon’s view is that using the National Guard to deal with the problem would be inappropriate.

Uniformed military members don’t have the training to deal with that kind of mission, nor should they.

Democrats are finally reaping what they sow

If Washington, D.C. Democrats have an issue with so many illegal aliens, then maybe they should talk to Joe Biden.

Biden overturned Trump’s effective “Remain in Mexico” policy that kept illegals from flooding over the border.

Recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bussed over 7,000 illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., and almost 1,000 to New York City.

The state of Arizona also followed suit, sending over 1,500 more as of August 22.

This move has left Mayor Bowser fuming, claiming that the illegals are being “tricked.”

But the real people being tricked here are the American people, who are left holding the bag when it comes to dealing with the massive increase of illegals.

Arizona Governor Greg Ducey stated that the bus trips are completely voluntary and that most illegals have a goal to reach cities on the East Coast.

Bowser says that she expects the problem to worsen and claims that if Washington, D.C. were a state, she’d ask the National Guard directly for help.

Currently, Bowser doesn’t have the authority to order the National Guard on her own since Washington, D.C. doesn’t have statehood status.

This is yet another example of why Democrats want to change that in order to gain more power over the district and the nation.

Perhaps if Biden hadn’t changed the previous administration’s successful immigration policy, Washington, D.C. wouldn’t be dealing with this problem in the first place. 

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