Washington, D.C. is in chaos after this notorious Never-Trumper just stabbed the Democrat Party in the back

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If there’s one thing the Democrat Party is good at it’s brainwashing the woke left-wing outrage mob into marching in lockstep with their fabricated narratives, extremist agenda, and the like.

But interestingly the Biden Presidency seems to have some waking up to reality.

And now Washington, D.C. is in chaos after this notorious Never-Trumper just stabbed the Democrat Party in the back.

Shaun Maguire still believes that Russia helped Trump. . .

By his own admission, Sequoia Capital general partner Shaun Maguire “drank the Kool-Aid” being passed around Silicon Valley during the 2016 Presidential election. 

Not only did Maguire dislike former President Donald Trump, but he was also “scared out of his mind” over the idea of a Trump Presidency. 

That led the “tech bro” to throw his support behind former First Lady Hillary Clinton after somehow coming to the conclusion that she was America’s only hope for survival. 

Following the election, he was one of many Democrat voters who bought into the Clinton campaign and ruling class Democrats’ fabricated “Russian collusion” hoax, which claimed that by running Facebook ads, the Russian government had somehow “stolen” the election for Trump.

The craziest part is that Maquire still believes the outlandish claim, even after it was completely and totally debunked – and even exposed as a scheme cooked up by the Clinton campaign to remove the duly elected President from office under false pretense – years ago.

Maguire wrote about his delusion in an article published to X just last week.

“I believe the 2016 election was manipulated to hurt Hillary Clinton and to help Donald Trump,” he said, even though the evidence has always indicated that it was entirely the other way around.

But despite this belief, he is now ditching the Democrat Party — to support Trump.

Russia “miscalculated” and found out Trump was “a master of foreign policy”

Maguire says that in hindsight, he wasn’t wrong about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

He rightly pointed out that “Russia (and others) interfering in the 2016 election was nothing new,” as foreign government interference in elections has been happening “in every election, everywhere” – even the U.S. government has repeatedly interred in other countries’ elections.

It was Russia’s “implicit support for Trump” that made him “deathly afraid of him getting elected.”

But now, he says that he was “wrong and Russia miscalculated.”

“President Trump turned out to be a master of foreign policy and particularly strong towards Russia,” Maguire wrote in the article. 

The venture capitalist cited Trump’s condemnation of Germany’s energy dependence on Russia as a sign that he was willing to push head-on against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Maguire, Trump’s interest in increasing Germany’s defense spending with NATO was a direct challenge to Russia’s influence on the European continent. 

Now, he sees the world destabilizing, and believes Trump is the only candidate who can right the ship.

Maguire says it’s time to “speak up” and end “cancel culture”

The one thing that seems to have pushed Maguire over the edge for Trump was Democrats’ lawfare attacks against him.

The tech-influencer sees obvious “double standards” being used against Trump, and said that Democrats’ weaponization of the justice system has brought his blood to a “boil.”

The “classified documents” investigation being waged against Trump might have been the breaking point. 

Maguire noted that Clinton, President Joe Biden, and former Trump Vice President Mike Pence “were all caught with classified documents. . .[but] only Trump was indicted.”

 Maguire devoted over 3,500 words to explaining exactly how he feels before announcing a $300k donation to Trump last week. 

The donation came at the outset of the verdict in New York, which he says is “not a coincidence.”

Maguire hopes to inspire other Democrats who are waking up to reality to “speak up. . .don’t be silenced.”

“Freedom of speech is worth nothing if you’re afraid to use it. We can’t let cancel culture win,” he wrote.

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