Wall Street analysts just made a jaw-dropping prediction about Bud Light’s future after its woke disaster

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Bud Light’s woke marketing efforts did considerable damage to its brand.

The company thought it could push extreme left-wing propaganda without any repercussions.

And Wall Street analysts just made a jaw-dropping prediction about Bud Light’s future after its woke disaster.

Bud Light torpedoed the company brand when it entered into an endorsement deal with controversial transgender extremist Dylan Mulvaney.

Many thought Mulvaney’s video announcing the deal was an April Fool’s Day joke because it was released on April 1, but an Anheuser-Busch spokesperson confirmed that the agreement was real.

Since then, Bud Light has seen its sales plummet by an eye-popping 26%, which has caused full-blown panic within the company.

However, ideologically-driven investors may not be batting an eye at Bud Light’s disaster.

Heidi Welsh, the executive director of the Sustainable Investments Institute, argued on CNBC that investors won’t be scared off of their position by Bud Light’s travails.

“What advice could you give companies that sort of get swept up in this?” Last Call host Brian Sullivan asked.

“Well, the issue is who are you beholden to?” Welsh responded. “You’re beholden to many different stakeholders, but in particular you’re beholden to your investors. And investors… are not pulling back from looking at how companies affect and are affected by society, how they are affected by the environment, and how ethical issues — which is governance — address their business.”

“These are maybe not gonna address the Bud Light six-week stock drop,” she added. “But ESG is a long-term investor risk and opportunity issue, and investors are not gonna look at a six-week stock drop from one company as something that is really that important.”

In other words, woke radical left-wing asset management firms, like BlackRock, that are relentlessly pushing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives are undeterred by Bud Light’s downturn.

In fact, they’re doubling down to force the woke left-wing agenda down everyone’s throats.

They will keep pushing until they get their way, which is why it’s important that consumers not let up.

The only way these firms will ever reverse course is if it becomes totally untenable for them to maintain these reckless policies.

The views of the consumer are clearly secondary to woke investors who are more than willing to light a little bit of money on fire to get their way.

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