Voters cringed after hearing this Democrat Senate candidate’s desperate attempt to appease the extreme far-left

 The Midterm elections are just around the corner and candidates are making their closing pitches to voters. 

With that in mind, some candidates have decided to take wild and strange approaches in their desperate attempts to seize power. 

And voters cringed after hearing this Democrat Senate candidate’s desperate attempt to appease the extreme far-left.

The Left is resorting to desperate measures to win this November

For politicians, especially Democrats, nothing is more important than winning elections. 

Playing politics always comes above serving their constituents – and apparently their own dignity. 

A prime example came just the other day when Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor, John Fetterman, who is now running for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat on the Democrat ticket completely humiliated himself. 

While speaking at a pro-abortion rally at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Fetterman introduced himself as “John Fetterwoman.” 

This, of course, sent the crowd into a frenzy, after all, nothing gets Democrat women more riled up than a man completely emasculating himself. 

He then went on to tell the crowd, “Women are the reason we can win. Let me say that again: Women are the reason we win. Don’t piss women off.”

Fetterman then went on to echo his promise to codify abortion access into law if elected Senator, in direct response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade

Why Democrats like Fetterman are stooping to such a low level

Almost immediately, voters took notice of Fetterman calling himself “Fetterwoman” to elicit a crowd response. 

Despite this and the fact that he can’t string a complete sentence together, Fetterman has a decent lead in the polls, and many experts think he has a very good chance of winning this November. 

So how can a candidate who has barely campaigned and made a total fool of himself have such a comfortable lead heading into November? 

Well, this stems from his Republican challenger, Dr. Oz’s weaknesses. 

Dr. Oz should be making issues such as Marxist indoctrination of schools and the failing economy his leading issues, but instead, he has failed to bring these issues to the forefront. 

Republicans like Oz need to wise up if they hope to rile up their base with the Midterms only weeks away. 

For more than a year now, Republicans have been acting as if the Midterms are in the bag, but polls are showing the exact opposite. 

Many Senate races, even in traditionally safe GOP states, are far from determined. 

Joe Biden has managed to increase his approval ratings substantially by practically giving money away in the form of student loan bailouts, which seems to be resonating well with young Democrat voters. 

Joe Biden has done an awful job as President and it should not be hard to run against his horrible record. 

But Republicans need to focus on issues that can help them win. 

Voters do not want flimsy, pathetic candidates like John Fetterman who looks like a union thug, and who calls himself a Fetterwoman to radical far-left pro-abortion activists. 

It is time for Dr. Oz to turn this ship around and get the Right energized. 

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