Voters are wringing their hands in worry as this newly elected Senator remains silent

It has been nearly two months since the disastrous Midterm elections, and the GOP is still picking up the pieces. 

Democrats managed to win major Senate races in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona, leaving many freedom-loving Americans worried about the very future of our republic. 

And voters are wringing their hands in worry as this newly elected Senator remains silent.

All eyes are on the newly elected congress and what they will do next

There is no way to sugarcoat it, the Midterm elections were an unmitigated disaster for the GOP. 

Republicans failed to win major Senate races in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, and to make matters worse, Republicans only won a fraction of the House seats they hoped to win. 

The result is a Democrat-controlled Senate and a razor-thin Republican majority in the House of Representatives. 

One of the most reprehensible candidates to win this past election cycle was John Fetterman, who handily won his race for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat. 

For many conservative pundits, this victory remains baffling.  

John Fetterman can barely string a coherent sentence together, and has clear mental issues, yet he managed to easily win his race. 

John Fetterman is unlike any Senator this nation has seen in recent memory. 

Not only does he appear to be a very low IQ individual, but he carries himself like a low-class bum. 

Nonetheless, the so-called “mainstream” media and Democrats adore this leftist punk.  

The fake news New York Times even went as far to name him 2022’s most stylish man. 

This award is particularly confusing, given that John Fetterman is rarely seen in public without his trademark sweatpants and hoodie outfit. 

Of course more concerning than his attire and his mental abilities is the fact that  John Fetterman is a far-left radical who wishes to hand America over to left-wing extremists, union bosses, and Socialists.

 However, nobody is exactly sure what John Fetterman’s plans are because he is not communicating with the press. 


In fact, John Fetterman has not given a single interview since his shocking election victory in  November. 

And even on the campaign trail, Fetterman was very quiet due to his clear mental health problems. 

Fetterman can barely put a cohesive sentence together, which has many voters rightfully concerned about his fitness for office. 

John Fetterman is an example of how radical the Left has become in recent years

It is hard to imagine a man like John Fetterman ever being elected to the Senate before 2022. 

However, the American Left has become more radicalized than ever before, so Fetterman’s victory should not come as a shock to anyone following politics. 

In order to stop John Fetterman and his Democrat colleagues from ruining America even more than they already have, House Republicans must become united in order to stop each and every bill the Senate might send to them. 

House Republicans must not give the Democrats a single inch.  

If they are not able to unite against the radical Left’s agenda then we can expect more legislation passing like the recently passed $1.7 trillion omnibus. 

And it is vital for the future that Republicans never allow a far-left radical like John Fetterman to be elected again. 

There is no reason why Republicans could not put up a better candidate, and fight in the swing state of Pennsylvania, especially after all of the damage that Joe Biden and his Democrat allies have done in the last two years. 

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