Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is completely melting down after one write-in campaign threatened to jeopardize his quest for power

Photo by Glenn Youngkin, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Virginia’s moderate Governor Glenn Youngkin has had an interesting year.

And he is staking all his future plans on leading the GOP to victory this November.

But now Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is completely melting down after one write-in campaign threatened to jeopardize his quest for power.

Virginia’s RINO Governor has infuriated the conservative base in the Old Dominion.

Governing by selling out

Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin is the latest in a long line of GOP Governors who have operated on the misguided theory that selling out their base is the way to achieve success.

Thus, they sell out and compromise on core issues, like life, guns, and even government spending and taxes.

And unsurprisingly, it means they begin to lose support from their base, and Democrats still despise them and seek to destroy them.

In Virginia, this led Youngkin to support a slew of moderate RINOs in the spring primaries to the consternation of the state’s conservatives.

Now, at least one of the conservatives defeated by Youngkin-backed candidates is standing up to the Governor.

And by doing so, he’s putting Youngkin’s November plans, and future Presidential aspirations, in jeopardy.

Matt Strickland is a one-time ally of Youngkin, and an unsuccessful State Senate hopeful.

He also happens to be the man who made national news by refusing to enforce mask mandates at his Gourmeltz restaurant in Fredericksburg, VA.

His decision to hold the line against the unconstitutional mandates caused his first split with Youngkin as the Virginia ABC initially pulled his liquor license for failure to enforce mask mandates.

Fighting back against the machine

He was also shut down by the state, but Strickland fought back and won.

His fight with the bureaucracy, and state officials led Strickland to run for a state Senate seat.

He ran in a GOP primary against RINO Tara Durant, a race in which the Youngkin machine supported Durant.

Stickland told The Virginia Star he is still seething from dirty tricks used against him during the primary.

And he announced he is running a write-in campaign against the GOP nominee that could threaten to block the Governor and GOP’s chance to win control of the state Senate.

“Governor Youngkin can do a lot of things today via his executive authority like Democrats do when they’re in the executive office, but he doesn’t, and he doesn’t because he does not want to rock the boat,” said Strickland, who served as an Army combat medic with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Strickland’s write-in campaign puts him in the position of possibly costing Durant, the Republican nominee who currently represents House District-28, the seat by siphoning off conservative voters.

Stickland said Durant and her allies ran a sleazy, unfair campaign against him, which is the main reason he is continuing his state Senate campaign.

“I mean, they sent out flyers, man with my face in between of Barack Obama and Joe Biden and said: ‘Matt Strickland is really a liberal, he’s a liberal’s dream,” he said. “Glenn Youngkin needs you to vote against Matt Strickland on June 20.’”

Strickland also said Youngkin’s political machine gave Durant’s campaign to use the Governor’s likeness and endorsement against him.

“If you came out here to my district, Glenn Youngkin’s face was on my opponent’s signs,” he added. “It was insane. Everybody, they were like: ‘Matt, are you running against Glenn Youngkin?’”

Strickland becomes the second potential write-in campaign against a GOP State Senate nominee.

In Virginia’s 17th State Senate District, there is a growing effort by supporters of conservative businessman and former NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler to launch a write-in campaign against the Governor’s hand-picked RINO, Emily Brewer.

Both of these seats are must-wins if the Governor and the GOP hope to take back control of the Virginia State Senate.

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