Viewers were stunned when a CNN host revealed how Joe Biden’s policies were benefiting Vladimir Putin

Polls show high gas prices are a top concern for voters in November.

Joe Biden tried to blame it all on “Putin’s price hike.”

But viewers were stunned when a CNN host revealed how Joe Biden’s policies were benefiting Vladimir Putin.

Inflation is skyrocketing, sending gas and grocery prices to all-time highs.

With Biden refusing to do anything to try to solve the crisis, more and more Americans are ready to dump Joe Biden.

And his approval ratings continue to plunge with no signs of improvement in sight.

It’s gotten so bad that even The New York Times admitted on Monday that their very own poll found Joe Biden’s approval rating at 33 percent, making him the most unpopular President in the past 75 years.

Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency is expected to lead to a massive wipeout at the ballot box for Democrats this fall.

This has the media looking ahead to 2024.

They are growing more concerned by the day about the thought of Joe Biden facing off against Donald Trump in two years.

And even CNN is starting to slowly toss Joe Biden the more his Presidency continues to fail.

CNN: Biden’s policies are benefiting Vladimir Putin

During the opening monologue of his Sunday show, CNN host Fareed Zakaria said the Biden administration’s “economic war against Russia” actually padded Vladimir Putin’s pockets with revenue from oil and gas.

“It is now clear that the economic war against Russia is not working nearly as well as people thought it would,” Zakaria said. 

“Vladimir Putin cares less about what these sanctions do to the Russian people than he does about what they do to the Russian state. Thanks to rising energy prices, Bloomberg projects the Russian government will make considerably more revenue from oil and gas than it did before the war, around 285 billion in 2022 compared to 236 billion in 2021,” he continued. 

Zakaria said Joe Biden’s policies have made America and Europe over-reliant on Russia for energy, making any economic sanctions placed on Vladimir Putin “toothless.”

“The basic problem with the economic war against Russia, as I have argued before, is that it is toothless because it cannot sanction all Russian energy,” Zakaria said, before adding that “the Russian economy is fundamentally an energy economy.” 

Zakaria pointed out that if the West attempted to stop buying Russian energy altogether, it would drastically lower the world supply and only drive prices even higher here in America.

“Revenues from oil and gas alone make up almost half the government’s budget. And unfortunately, the solution would not be for the West to stop buying Russian energy altogether because with less supply on the world’s market, it would only drive prices even higher,” Zakaria said. 

The corporate-controlled media is turning on Biden

Zakaria is not alone in his criticism of Joe Biden among members of the corporate-controlled press.

After Biden tried to blame skyrocketing gas prices on “Putin’s price hike,” CNN correspondent Christina Romans even called out the President for blaming Putin for record-high gas prices.

She also criticized Biden’s refusal to allow drilling for oil and gas in America in order to ramp up domestic production of energy like under Donald Trump.

But the left-wing media is calling out Joe Biden on more than the economy and gas prices.

They’re also now publicly questioning his old age and declining mental and physical abilities.

During a recent press conference, CNN host and far-Left stooge Don Lemon even drilled White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on whether or not Joe Biden had the physical and mental faculties to seek a second term.

In an article in The New York Times, former Obama top strategist David Axelrod publicly admitted that Joe Biden’s age would be too much of a liability in a 2024 Presidential campaign.

Despite many Democrats openly talking about replacing Biden in 2024, the President says in public and in private that he is definitely running for a second term.

But as Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet, even if he wants to run in 2024, he may be forced out by Democrat Party leaders who fear another Donald Trump Presidency more than anything else.

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