Viewers were left scratching their heads after The View’s co-hosts unleashed one baffling woke left-wing attack

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Given the meteoric rise of streaming services daytime television is dying a slow death.

That means talk shows have to focus on making headlines and going viral in order to stay relevant. 

But now viewers were left scratching their heads after The View’s co-hosts unleashed one baffling woke left-wing attack.

The View is a prime example of a dying television program clinging to life

Cable television is dying, and every day, more and more Americans are cutting the cord.

This transition does not bode well for daytime television, and its slow death is causing many programs to resort to extreme measures to stay relevant and boost viewership. 

The View is a prime example of a television show that is desperate to stay relevant, and in nearly every segment, the show’s deranged left-wing extremists co-hosts make some outlandish comment.

Last Thursday, co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin went off the deep end when discussing LGBT issues. 

“It is the start of pride month, but as I’m sure you’re all aware, the attacks against the LGBTQ community are insane this year, heating up even more,” Goldberg claimed. “You know, I guess my question is, what does the right think that they’re going to achieve by this kind of mongering?”

“They’re not going to achieve it because they’re out of line with what the country believes,” Hostin replied. “GLAAD released a study today on accelerating acceptance. 84% of non-LGBTQ Americans support equal rights for the LGBTQ community.”

“They are attacking the LGBTQ+ community because they have no real platform, no real programs, and are they out of step with this country,” she added. “The only way they win is by stealing the election or doing things like this. That is the truth.”

The claim that the Republican Party has no platform immediately made headlines for its odd and tactless nature. 

Partisan attacks like this are very normal for The View, who often comment on race, religion, and politics to get attention. 

Shows like The View will likely soon be a thing of the past

Americans rely on streaming services more than ever before, which is very bad news for The View. 

Instead of entertaining their viewers, The View is more interested in trashing Republicans and shouting down anyone who dares to even consider disagreeing with their demented agenda.

What these washed-up D-listers fail to realize is that the pushback against the radical Left’s woke agenda is not about telling adults what to do, but rather about protecting young children who are often groomed from a young age to support this insanity. 

Many Democrats firmly believe that allowing children to have their genitals mutilated from a young age is somehow a life-saving surgery, but the exact opposite is true. 

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