Veterans are outraged after this “woke” MSNBC host declares her hatred for America

Photo by Luke Harold, Public Domain via Wikimedia

Independence Day is a day for Americans to celebrate everything that makes the United States of America the greatest nation on earth. 

Predictably, this is not sitting well with some on the left, with some using the holiday to trash a nation that has given them so much. 

But, veterans are outraged after this “woke” MSNBC host declares her hatred for America. 

Many on the far left showed their true colors this July 4th holiday

In years past, Independence Day was a day of national unity, bringing people from all backgrounds together to celebrate America. 

But those days are long gone, with many Democrats using July 4 as an opportunity to criticize America and everything they dislike about it. 

Among the throngs of woke left-wing radicals who aired their anti-patriotic grievances this Independence Day is extremist MSNBC contributor Joy Reid. 

Over the years, Reid has earned a reputation for being one of the most unhinged extremists on television today, and her recent comments are no departure from this reputation. 

On Wednesday, July 5, Reid claimed that she refused to leave her home to celebrate July 4 this year because “America is awash with guns.”

“Sadly, there is nothing more quintessentially American than fireworks and gun violence,” Reid claimed. “So far we’ve had more than 350 mass shootings this year. According to a recent survey, around 1 in 5 Americans has lost a family member to gun violence, 1 in 5.” 

“More than half of American adults have said that they or a family member have experienced a gun-related incident, more than half. Violence, terror and trauma doesn’t happen in a vacuum,” She added. “This country is awash with guns and the gun lobby is using its power to both increase access to them and to expand gun owner’s right to shoot first and ask questions later.” 

If these claims were not bad enough, she ended her segment by claiming, “I have to say, I did not go out on July 4 and would not. The idea of going to a mass gathering, a parade, or a big fireworks thing outside seems insane to me, to be blunt, in America because America is awash with guns, and now people don’t just have them. They seem to want to shoot people with them and use them for whatever, you know?”

Democrats’ hatred for America is growing

Instead of taking time to highlight the many good aspects of America, Reid deliberately engaged in divisive rhetoric to tear down America on Independence Day.

MSNBC sports some of the lowest ratings of any news source, and monologues like this one may reveal why this is the case. 

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