UFC star Paulo Costa left fans scratching their heads after he made one wild move during this ceremonial first pitch

By UFC - UFC.com, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=68194228

Paulo Costa is a legitimate contender in the UFC’s middleweight division.

But it turns out he’s not a contender in everything he does.

And UFC star Paulo Costa left fans scratching their heads after he made one wild move during this ceremonial first pitch.

The worst pitch of all time

The UFC’s Paulo Costa has spent his entire career working to get into contention for a shot at the middleweight title.

While he’s certainly on his way as the seventh-ranked middleweight fighter in the UFC’s current rankings, Costa also recently placed himself into contention for a title he’d rather not have.

In the lead up to his fight against former champion and fan favorite Sean Strickland in this past weekend’s UFC 302 in Newark, New Jersey, “Borrachinha” – as Costa is known – made a stop in Queens, New York so he could throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the New York Mets bout against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As the fighter prepared to throw the ball, the Mets’ public address announcer said, “All right Paulo, it’s your pitch!”

Wearing a dress shirt and dress pants, the 33-year-old UFC fighter wound up and threw his pitch.

And it went ‘just a bit outside’ – roughly 10 feet to the left of home plate.

Clearly oblivious to just how bad his pitch was, Costa gave fans a thumbs up and a smile as he walked off the mound after his disastrous pitch.

Costa was so oblivious he even later took to social media to claim his pitch was an “absolute laser.”

But most observers agree that Costa’s pitch could be one of the all-time worst opening pitches in Major League history.

But maybe not the worst in Mets history

But others say the fighter’s pitch may not even be the worst opening pitch by a celebrity at Citi Field. 

In May 2009, The Howard Stern Show’s producer Gary Dell’Abate threw a pitch so far off the right side of the plate, it hit one of the umpires standing nearby.

What made things worse for Dell’Abate was the fact that he practiced his throw for weeks leading up to the pitch.

He wanted to make sure he wasn’t later mocked for his performance when he returned to the Howard Stern Show. 

Unfortunately, his practice did not return his preferred results.

And even that may not be the worst opening pitch at Citi Field.

The honor of worst celebrity pitch at Citi Field almost certainly belongs to rapper 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson.

His record-breaking opening pitch happened in May of 2014.

The rapper threw his pitch left-handed, and the ball flew some 10-15 feet off the plate, and then almost hit a photographer and cameraman.

At least Costa is in some good company on the bad pitch list.

When Costa’s opponent and fellow UFC contender, Strickland, was asked about the first pitch, he took the high road.

“Did you see him throw out the first pitch at the baseball game yesterday?” a reporter asked Strickland.

“No! Was it pretty bad?” Strickland replied.

“It was about seven feet wide,” the reporter said.

Strickland wasn’t willing to condemn Costa, and gave him credit for being really good at a different sport.

“I mean the guy can throw a wheel kick though. I don’t mind Costa, he’s a funny guy,” Strickland added.

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