U.S. Marshals just made a daring rescue in the war on one of America’s darkest problems

United States Marshals Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

These days most people are beginning to lose faith in federal law enforcement agencies if they haven’t done so already.

But while they’re reaching the point of being few and far between there are still good men and women who are actively trying to do their jobs of enforcing the law.

And the U.S. Marshals just made a daring rescue in the war on one of our darkest problems.

Nearly 1,000 children go missing in the United States every day

Children are our most precious gift, and they are under attack every day. 

In 2022, according to the FBI, there were nearly 360,000 reports of missing children in the United States.

That amounts to nearly a thousand missing children every day. 

Some of those who are missing are a result of children simply wandering off. 

Others were runaways who sought to escape from a dangerous situation. 

And a large percentage are family abductions that typically involve a bitter divorce or some other domestic disagreement.

But there are much darker things happening to many children.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) says that at least 1 in 6 of these children will become subject to the sex trafficking industry that is running rampant around the world. 

This horrific industry is run by pimps, gangs, and even family sellers. 

But the U.S. Marshals Service is cracking down.

U.S. Marshals complete vast operation finding hundreds of children

In 2015, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act was signed into law and gave the U.S. Marshals the power to put an end to it all. 

Now, the federal agency is conducting nationwide investigations to find and free these children.

Operation We Will Find You (OWWFY) completed its first operation in 2023, recovering 225 missing children across 16 federal judicial districts in the U.S.

Now, U.S. Marshalls have completed their second OWWFY, announcing the location and recovery of 200 missing children ahead of Independence Day. 

The six-week operation spanned 7 judicial districts, and found 123 children that were in “dangerous situations.” 

The other 77 children were found in “safe locations,” according to the press release by the service. 

The USMS says that the goal of these operations is to show what can be achieved through the cooperation of various government and non-government agencies. 

The NCMEC is proud to have worked alongside the federal agency.

OWWFY is a “shining example” of cooperation between agencies

USMS Director, Ronald L. Davis, called OWWFY “one of the most sacred missions” of their agency. 

But he says that the agencies’ work is far from over. 

“This is one of our top priorities as there remain thousands of children still missing and at risk,” he added.

Indeed, the 200 recovered children are a pittance in contrast to the thousands that have gone missing so far this year. 

The NCMEC signaled that they are prepared to continue to work with federal agencies to bring these children home.

“Operation we will find you is a shining example of the results we can achieve when we unite in our mission to find missing children,” said the President and CEO of NCMEC, Michelle DeLaune. 

“We are grateful that vulnerable children have been recovered as part of this operation, and we commend. . .all the agencies involved for their commitment to protect the youth,” she added.

This battle will continue until every missing child is found and brought home.

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