Two Yellowstone stars just knocked fans’ socks off by making one real-life announcement no one saw coming

Mel Pervais, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yellowstone is undeniably one of the biggest TV hits in recent memory.

And with such a long break between the first and second half of the series’ final season fans have been desperate for any info on what’s going on behind the scenes.

But now two Yellowstone stars just knocked fans’ socks off by making one real-life announcement no one saw coming.

The love triangle that changed Yellowstone 

In season four of Yellowstone, a bunkhouse brawl ensues between some of the ranch hands that completely shakes up morale and the pecking order on the Dutton Ranch. 

And what’s the most likely thing to bring two tough guys to fist-a-cuffs? 

A girl, of course.  

Some barrel girls start hanging out at the bunkhouse – and one, Laramie, starts flirting with veteran cowboy Lloyd, who takes a shine to the young beauty. 

However, despite her tempting Lloyd on one end of the room, Laramie was getting it on with the country singing cowboy, Walker, on the other end of the room. 

Lloyd goes off in a jealous rage against Walker. 

And needless to say, plenty of chaos and carnage ensues.

But don’t worry Walker fans, the cowboy is singing a happy tune after reuniting with Laramie in real life. 

Life imitating art 

Walker and Laramie had a fling on Yellowstone

But in real life, the actors who portray them are actually a couple. 

And now, they’re a married couple. 

According to Vogue, actors and country singers Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison tied the knot in late May. 

The wedding took place about a year after the Yellowstone co-stars went public about their relationship. 

Vogue is reporting the wedding took place at Harrison’s family home in Texas. 

But the two entertainers weren’t going to settle on just any old boring ceremony. 

“From the start, Ryan and I just really wanted to create a day that wasn’t just a series of events — but a heartfelt experience that centered around emotions, comfort, intimacy, and genuine moments with the people we love the most,” Harrison told Vogue

Unsurprisingly, Bingham and Harrison decided on a western theme for their wedding. 

The dress code was “cowboy black tie.” 

According to Vogue, there was also a pre-wedding celebration at the Crescent Club in Dallas. 

Bingham’s three children from a previous marriage all also played important roles in the wedding. 

Two of them were respectively the ring bearer and flower girl, while also walking the family dog down the aisle. 

And Bingham’s oldest daughter played a song on the piano for the grinning groom and blushing bride. 

Currently, there is no word on if Forrie J. Smith – who plays Lloyd on the show – was in attendance to help the happy couple celebrate their special day. 

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