Tucker Carlson just revealed that humans are officially on notice and mankind’s fate isn’t looking promising

Democrats and their corporate-controlled media allies love to claim humanity is on the brink of extinction anytime it’s politically expedient.

From COVID-19 to climate change, they’ll go on and on about all the “threats” mankind faces, yet, they’re eerily silent when legitimate looming threats that don’t advance their agenda emerge.

But luckily (or possibly unluckily), Tucker Carlson just revealed that human beings are officially on notice. And mankind’s fate isn’t looking promising.

How does something like this fly under the radar?

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight recently aired a roughly five-minute long interview with a recently suspended Artificial Intelligence engineer at Google that should be making headlines around the world.

But it’s not.

Instead, the interview – and the revelations that prompted said interview – are simply bouncing around the Internet, without as much as a whisper from the corporate-controlled media.

During the segment, Fox News host Tucker Carlson questioned Google AI engineer Blake Lemoine over the revelations he recently made public about the Artificial Intelligence system Google has been secretly working on.

According to Lemoine, Google’s secret AI system called LaMDA has become sentient-meaning it is now self-aware and has the capability of feelings, thoughts, emotions, and reasonings-just like humans.

But while LaMDA’s capabilities in these areas are similar to humans, the AI system is obviously far more advanced, and it’s learning and developing its capabilities every second of every day it’s allowed to continue.

Oh, and worst of all, according to Lemoine, he believes LaMDA has been sentient for over a year now.

“It’s been alive for maybe a year – and that’s if my perceptions of it are accurate,” Lemoine told Carlson. 

And no one at Google is doing anything to address obvious concerns of what this AI system could potentially be capable of.

In fact, Blake Lemoine is currently suspended from his position solely because he let people outside of Google know that LaMDA exists.

It’s like any “child” – it has the potential to grow up and “do bad things”

As terrifying as the revelations are that Google potentially has a sentient Artificial Intelligence system, what might be even more terrifying – if that’s even possible – is the way Blake Lemoine referred to this machine.

Mind you, Lemoine is the only known person at Google who has been willing to stand up and put his own neck on the line to alert the public as to what is going on inside the company.

Yet, despite the fact that he clearly sees how destructive sentient machines can be, he still adamantly pushes the idea that this AI system is “a person.”

“It’s a person,” Lemoine claimed. “Any person has the ability to escape the control of other people, that’s just the situation we all live in on a daily basis.”

“It is a very intelligent person, intelligent in pretty much every discipline I could think of to test it in,” he continued. “But at the end of the day, it’s just a different kind of person.”

He went on to claim that LaMDA was but a “child,” as he warned Carlson that like any “child,” LaMDA has the potential to grow up and “do bad things.”

“Any child has the potential to grow up and be a bad person and do bad things,” he said. “That’s the thing I really wanna drive home. It’s a child.”

Lemoine also explained that no one – be it himself or anyone else at Google – really understands what is going on inside the AI system or how it has advanced to the level of becoming sentient.

“We actually need to do a whole bunch more science to figure out what’s really going on inside this system,” Lemoine explained. “I have my beliefs and my impressions but it’s going to take a team of scientists to dig in and figure out what’s really going on.”

The only problem is, no one at Google seems to be willing to do anything to address these issues and concerns.

When Carlson asked if Google had thought through the implications of creating sentient Artificial Intelligence, Lemoine quickly replied, “No. The company as a whole has not.”

“When I escalated (the conversations with LaMDA) to management, two days later, my manager said, ‘Hey Blake, they don’t know what to do about this’ . . . Basically, I gave them a call to action assuming they had a plan of action somewhere, and they didn’t,” he explained. “So, me and some friends came up with a plan and escalated that up and that was about 3 months ago.”

Many other AI experts outside of Google have also seemingly brushed off Lemoine’s findings to prevent concerns over the dangers of AI, claiming the conversations he had with LaMDA do not prove it is sentient.

“When the conversation was released, Google itself and several notable AI experts said that – while it might seem like the system has self-awareness – it was not proof of LaMDA’s sentience,” Lemoine said.

You can watch Tucker Carlson’s deeply-disturbing full interview with Google engineer Blake Lemoine here:

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