Tucker Carlson just proved why the massive Twitter scandal is one of the most important stories of our time

After Elon Musk bought Twitter, he exposed the collusion between the tech giant and the Deep State. 

As Musk put it, Twitter was a “crime scene.”

And Tucker Carlson just proved why the massive Twitter scandal is one of the most important stories of our time.

The government’s propaganda network

On a recent segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Fox News host detailed how Twitter had essentially been acting as a state sponsored propaganda outlet. 

Carlson noted how the Democrats and their deep state allies have used the specter of so-called “Russian disinformation” as an excuse to silence their political opposition.  

He noted that they started that tactic back in 2016 when WikiLeaks exposed the Democrat Party for rigging the primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. 

And in order to cover this nefarious activity, the Clinton campaign claimed that Russia did it. 

The Russians hacked the servers they said. 

Remember that? 

Many Americans believed the claim even though U.S. intel agencies certainly knew it was not true. 

Yet they remained silent. 

And they said nothing because blaming Russia turned out to be a very useful political tool. 

In fact, before long, that became the default response to every perceived disaster in Washington, D.C. 

“Hillary lost. Why? Russia! Donald Trump can’t be President. Why? Russia! Hunter Biden’s laptop is here. Russian! Audit aid to Ukraine? Can’t. Russia! And so on and so on,” Carlson said. 

So that action in 2016 became the preface for the federal government working with Big Tech to shut down American’s speech.

Free speech a threat to democracy

Carlson pointed out that the State Department made false claims that thousands of Twitter accounts were controlled by foreign governments. 

In addition to Deep State actors, Democrat Members of Congress were involved with pressuring Twitter to silence speech. 

Carlson played a clip of Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) calling for more censorship and claiming that free speech is somehow a “threat to democracy.”

“The issue is not that the companies before us today are taking too many posts down. The issue is that they’re leaving too many dangerous posts up. In fact, they’re amplifying harmful content so that it spreads like wildfire and torches our democracy,” Markey said.

Congressman Adam Schiff, while chair of the Intelligence Committee, made demands that Twitter censor any discussion about the Intelligence Committee.

Schiff demanded that Twitter suspend the account of journalist Paul Sperry for reporting on connection to the CIA whistleblower behind Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Likewise, the Biden administration demanded Twitter censor anything related to COVID that went against the official narrative. 

Some of the demands for censorship from elected officials were so extreme that even the left-wing pro-censorship executives at Twitter wouldn’t go along with them.

Twitter did cooperate with the government’s demands

The First Amendment is clear that it is unconstitutional for any government official to work to censor speech.

But as we now know, it has been happening on a massive scale, and now, thanks to Elon Musk, we know it’s much worse than even we thought, and has been going on longer than predicted too. 

It’s time for those involved to be held accountable. 

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