Tucker Carlson just issued a bone-chilling warning for every American who wants the nation to “continue to exist”

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The United States is facing some perilous times ahead.

And some leading political observers are saying we may be on the final legs of this once great constitutional republic.

And now Tucker Carlson just issued a bone-chilling warning for every American who wants the nation to “continue to exist.”

Former Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson has been in the news a lot since he was unceremoniously fired by the now-struggling network.

Headed in the wrong direction

Carlson has even seen his new Tucker on X program get more viewers than his Fox News show generated.

There is no doubt Carlson is the most influential host in American media today, and he’s only becoming more popular the longer he’s away from Fox News.

Now, Carlson has some very serious advice for conservatives and liberty-lovers across the nation.

Of course, it’s not a secret that our nation is headed in the wrong direction.

The economy is getting worse by the day as prices continue to rise thanks to socialist policies being forced on the nation by President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats.

Democrats’ weaponization of the Department of Justice, FBI, and the rest of the federal government is worse than ever.

We have more division, tension, and corruption now than ever before, and more and more Americans are afraid to even speak out under threat of violence and persecution at the hands of woke extremists.

Two things all Americans must do

Carlson is very aware of the problems our nation is facing, and recently he had some advice for how we can change the direction of the country.

“The two things you need to do are organize and speak with total honesty, clarity, and aggression,” Carlson said.

“Neither one of those things is easy,” he admitted. “Complaining is easy, watching television is easy, eating with people you agree with and grousing is really easy. But none of those things change the outcome. You need to act, you need to speak, and you need to organize, and before you can do either one of those, you need to recognize the consequences, the stakes.”

As Carlson said, “You may lose some friends, experience rejection, or be demonized, but what’s the cost if you fail to act and speak?”

Carlson also made sure people realized he wasn’t just talking about “people doing things you disagree with.”

As he correctly points out, it’s about much, much more than that.

Here’s what it’s all about

“It’s about the most fundamental question of all, which is can you have children?” Carlson said. “Will they live in a world where they can afford to get married themselves and have children? And will those children live where you lived?”

“Will the world that produced you continue to exist? The answer is no,” he added. “With bad leadership, it won’t; everything is at stake.”

And fellow conservative spokesman Dave Rubin weighed in as well.

“Fight for the right things, guys,” Rubin said. “That’s the point.”

Now, will the American people listen, or will they continue to follow the failed leadership of the GOP?

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