Tucker Carlson just exposed how the Left is trying to use the attack on Paul Pelosi to silence conservatives

Democrats wasted no time blaming conservatives for the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. 

But there are some serious holes in the narrative the corporate-controlled media is pushing. 

And Tucker Carlson just exposed how the Left is trying to use the attack on Paul Pelosi to silence conservatives. 

David DePape attacked Paul Pelosi in their home with a hammer, that much we know. 

But the details of the incident are sketchy to say the least. 

And recently Fox News’ Tucker Carlson shared some details about this case.

Doesn’t quite sound like a MAGA guy the Fake News Media would like you to believe he is

The Fake News Media has tried to paint David DePape as a far-right Trump supporter. 

DePape is currently residing in a dilapidated old bus that has a gay pride flag and a Black Lives Matter Banner. 

He is also known in the area as a drug user and a nudist. 

One thing we do know for sure is he is absolutely bonkers. 

The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed his ex-girlfriend, who reported that DePape is mentally ill and struggles with drugs.

According to the ex-girlfriend, he once thought he was “Jesus for a year. He’s never been able to hold a job,” said the former girlfriend. “He has been homeless. This person really does suffer from mental illness and that is probably why he was there at 2:00 AM.” She described him as a “broken child in an adult body with serious mental problems.”

It should also be noted that DePape is an illegal alien. 

He is originally from Canada and has overstayed his visa.

So the Fake News Media wants you to believe that a mentally deranged, drug addled, nudist, illegal alien who supports the homosexual lobby and Black Lives Matter is a MAGA right-wing extremist. 

They want to use this case to shut conservatives up

The left-wing media is blaming Republican Midterm campaigns for the attack. 

CBS host Margaret Brennan even went so far as to demand Republicans pull their campaign ads just days before the election. 

“Republican candidates have more than $116 million on ads that mentioned Speaker Pelosi by name in this cycle,” Brennan noted.

“If this is about the issues, why shouldn’t they make it about the issues? We are eight days out. Don’t you think this needs to change? Why not pull some of these ads,” Brennan asked.

Ashley Parker at The Washington Post wrote “In 2022, the GOP spent $40 million vilifying Pelosi in ads and on Friday, her husband was attacked by a hammer.” 

Do you see the direct correlation?

So now the Left has gone beyond just wanting to censor conservatives on social media, but to not even allow them to run campaign ads ahead of an election.

As Carlson pointed out, the Left needs censorship to maintain power.

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