Tucker Carlson just blew the whistle on the secret driving force behind the ruling class elites’ march towards World War III

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In recent years the world has seemingly been inching closer to its breaking point and people are getting nervous.

Most people blame Joe Biden’s weakness on the world stage for expanding instability and conflict.

But Tucker Carlson just blew the whistle on the secret driving force behind the ruling class elites’ march towards World War III.

“We’re really close” to World War III

The world is dissolving into chaos and it’s becoming increasingly common for people to invoke the idea of an impending World War III. 

But not everyone can bring themselves to accept the reality of what is happening.

Without question, President Joe Biden and his fellow ruling class elites are doing everything they can to help usher in a new era of global conflict.

While some people call him “weak” and “feeble-minded,” Tucker Carlson believes the Democrat President might simply be suicidal.

“We’re really close to it, as you know. Really, really, really, close,” Carlson said in a discussion on the current state of the world and fears of WWIII with former Navy SEAL and podcast host Shawn Ryan. 

“The fact that anyone would even consider getting within a thousand miles of f***ing around with a nuclear exchange just shows that the core impulse here is suicide,” he added.

Carlson believes that the only thing that could bring man to this point is “spiritual.”

The elites’ “anti-human” agenda has taken hold in the world

Carlson has become particularly outspoken about his Christian faith since he was forced out of Fox News despite being the most popular and influential media personality in the country.

In March, he told the Tarrant County GOP in Texas that they need to pray for America’s future.

“This is not flesh and blood at all. If you’re offended by prayer, you’re taking orders, OK?” he said.

Now, Carlson is urging Americans to open their eyes and see what’s happening for themselves. 

“The word ‘demonic’ is suddenly being overused, it’s everywhere, because it’s real,” he said in his interview with Ryan.

Carlson pointed out that much of what is going on in the world today is “anti-human.” 

From the push for nuclear war and artificial intelligence to Democrats’ woke extremist agenda, humanity’s long-term interests are being completely ignored in favor of whatever the ruling class elites deem is best.

“If you see a human movement that’s anti-human. . .it’s probably not human,” he said.

“We are clearly moving towards something big. . .”

Carlson urged the audience to consider the natural instincts of all animals. 

“Do dogs act against their own collective interests? Do caribou? Do porcupines? Do single-cell amoeba? Do sea cucumbers? No, none of them do,” he said.

In fact, as he points out, “we’re the only species that kills itself.” 

“People are subject to the supernatural, so they do things that are not natural, like kill themselves,” he said. 

That’s why Carlson believes that we are careening towards destruction. 

We’re being “acted on by forces – spiritual forces,” he says.

“We are clearly moving towards something big. . .who doesn’t feel that? Everybody feels it, and the divide is spiritual,” he added.

But Carlson wasn’t all doom and gloom.

While admitting that he’s a “very conventional” man that doesn’t get “prophetic feelings,” he did say he believed that something good is coming in all of this. 

“There’s some form of religious revival coming,” and he has felt it for years.

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