Trump’s attorney just dropped a truth bomb about the FBI on Fox News

Biden’s Justice Department crossed the line when they ordered the FBI to raid Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

30 heavily armed FBI agents descended on Trump’s home while he was away in New York. 

And Trump’s attorney just dropped a truth bomb about the FBI on Fox News.

Donald Trump’s personal attorney Alina Habba appeared on Fox News to discuss the raid. 

She said that the reasoning the FBI gave for the raid didn’t make sense and is concerned they may have planted evidence. 

Attorneys for former President Trump were not permitted to observe the agents while they conducted the search. 

“Listen it’s a NARA search. The National Archives [and Records Administration]. We are not talking about Jimmy Hoffa, did he take documents that discuss if aliens existed? This is a joke. This is a memento. Quiet honestly, I’m concerned that they may have planted something. At this point who knows? I don’t trust the government and that’s a very frightening thing as an American,” Habba said.

A Deep State political hit job

If the FBI raid is really only about a few documents that need to be returned to the National Archives, it seems to be an overly heavy approach. 

This is like being raided by dozens of federal agents over some overdue library books. 

As Habba suggested, the motivation is likely much more nefarious. 

That the FBI would plant evidence to incriminate Trump is not nearly as far-fetched as it sounds. 

When Trump was running for President in 2016, a pair of FBI agents who were having an affair with one another were caught in a text exchange saying they would “stop Trump from being elected.”

If this is the type of politically-motivated people who are still working for the FBI today, it’s completely plausible that they would set Trump up in order to stop his chances of returning to the White House in 2024. 

It’s all about 2024

There is a very good chance that Trump will run for President again in 2024, and if current polling holds up, he will likely win. 

Democrats know this, which is why they have used every dirty trick in the book to disqualify him from running. 

That was the reason they held their impeachment trial that didn’t even conclude until he was already out of office. 

It’s also the reason for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) January 6 witch hunt committee. 

It is likely the reason for this latest raid, and this is unlikely to be the end of it. 

Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted that he gave the order to seek the search warrant. 

Garland has politicized the office and he holds personal disdain for Republicans after they denied him a seat on the Supreme Court. 

The good news is the latest raid has only solidified Trump’s support. 

Americans plainly see the latest attack on Trump for what it is, a political hit job. 

We can expect to see even more dirty tactics from the Democrats trying to stop Trump as we near the 2024 election. 

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