Trump hilariously fired back at Biden after the administration tried to attack him

No matter how much he tries, Joe Biden is completely out of touch with the American public.

Nearly every attempt he has made to improve his image is either failed or backfired.

And Trump hilariously fired back at Biden after the administration tried to attack him.

As it stands, Joe Biden is a very unpopular President.

According to Real Clear Politics, his average approval rating sits at about 41%, which is dreadful to say the least.

A primary reason why Biden’s approval ratings are so low is because he is completely out of touch with America.

Not only is Joe Biden just a lame person to begin with, but his mind is stuck in the ‘70’s, which is when he first took public office.

Also, Joe Biden is a poor communicator to say the very least.

Whether it is shaking hands with the air, or babbling utter nonsense during a speech, Biden literally cannot get his message across to Americans.

With this in mind, Joe Biden is resorting to a couple of tactics to save face.

These tactics are commonly used by Democrats and their Fake News Media allies, and that’s to 1: When in doubt, blame Russia; and 2: If that fails, blame or mock Trump.

Well, Biden tried to resort to #2 just the other day.

While going on an unhinged rant about how Donald Trump is to blame for the souring economy, Biden made this remark, “under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every single year he was President,”

Naturally, it did not take long for Trump and his followers to embrace that attempted dig.

In fact, Trump himself had a hilarious response.

Trump put this hilarious meme on social media that depicts him as a character from the Lord of the Rings.

This is why people love Trump so much.

Not only can he take punches, but he knows how to return the blow and come out on top.

Joe Biden should know by now that blaming Trump for this failing economy is going to get him absolutely nowhere.

More than likely, this was something that one of his many handlers told him to say.

After all, Joe Biden can barely form a coherent original thought of his own these days.

Moving forward, it looks like the economy is continuing to get worse by the day.

In the meantime, Americans can expect many more blame deflections from this White House.

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