Three women just got busted for running an organized crime syndicate around this infant product">Wikideas1, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just about every person in America agrees that prices for everyday goods are through the roof.

Yet Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez use the high prices their policies created as an excuse for people to commit crimes without consequence.

And now three women just got busted for running an organized crime syndicate around this infant product.

Women steal almost $2,000 worth of baby formula

Three women stand accused of stealing close to $2,000 worth of baby formula from Walmart stores in Southwest Florida.

Sheriff’s office deputies in Charlotte County responded to a call for a Walmart at 375 Kings Highway on July 1.

When the authorities arrived, a loss prevention worker said that there had been three separate thefts of baby formula from the store,

The thefts supposedly took place on April 4, April 14, and June 26.

Later, two women identified as Tomarion Maloy, 19, and Yolanda Williams, 47, were seen on store surveillance footage on June 26.

The pair allegedly stole approximately $530 worth of baby formula on that day, stuffing the items into their bags and leaving the store without paying for them.

Separate store surveillance footage from April 14 shows Maloy allegedly going to the Walmart with Williams and a third suspect who was later identified as Herbia Williams, 47.

According to the arrest report, the footage shows the three women putting baby formula containers into a tote bag, and again leaving the store without paying.

Eventually, deputies connected Williams to the June and April 14 thefts because a tattoo on her right hand matched the same tattoo as the suspect viewed in the footage.

The sheriff’s office later found that the women were also suspects in a separate theft at a Walmart in Naples, Florida on April 6.

The women are accused of stealing a total of 36 baby formula containers, a 10-pack of Fujifilm, a smartphone vlogging kit, and a Polaroid camera from that location.

All told the total value of those items came to approximately $898.

After the call on July 1, deputies stopped Yolanda and Herbia in the parking lot and detained them.

Meanwhile, Maloy and another woman named Evelyn Hernandez, 31, left the parking lot in a vehicle, but deputies stopped the car shortly after and apprehended the suspects, taking Maloy into custody.

Hernandez, the driver of the vehicle, refused to open the door but was eventually apprehended.

Charges pile up

Not only did the trio of thieves face several theft charges, but Hernandez was charged with failure to stop for law enforcement and resisting an officer without violence.

All of the women were booked at the Charlotte County Jail.

According to the report, “Deputies were able to match Herbia’s tattoos and Maloy’s clothing to the other pair of suspects in the footage from the Charlotte County thefts.”

Baby formula theft is common and there are many cases of similar crimes throughout the country.

While some people steal it to feed their own children, others take it from stores to resell it to young mothers for a profit.

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