Thousands of illegal aliens were arrested in this one sector of the border as the crisis worsens

America is falling to pieces under Joe Biden’s watch.

One of the most concerning, yet most underreported, crises America faces is the unraveling of the southern border.

And thousands of illegal aliens were arrested in this one sector of the border alone as the crisis worsens.

Joe Biden has created a crisis at the southern border

The truth of the matter is, a nation is not a nation without its border.

But somebody should tell that to Joe Biden.

Ever since he took the oath of office last year, Joe Biden has failed to make any significant steps towards securing America’s southern border with Mexico.

If anything, he has taken deliberate steps to make it more dangerous.

Whether it be luring illegal aliens into the nation with generous welfare programs, halting construction on Trump’s highly effective border wall, or directly opposing the needs of the border patrol, Joe Biden has created a crisis on the southern border.

This should surprise nobody, as Joe Biden has managed to destroy everything he has touched while in office.

Also, Democrats famously support open borders and believe that illegal immigration is good for America.

The exact opposite is true, and many communities on the Mexican border are feeling the effects of mass migration.

Democrats refuse to admit that there is a crisis

For decades now, Democrats have refused to admit that mass migration over America’s Mexican border is an issue that needs to be taken seriously.

Terrorists, drug smugglers, cartel members, and human traffickers can all be found crossing the border on a daily basis.

These are not the type of people anybody should want coming into the United States, yet the far-left is welcoming them with open arms.

No wonder drug use, crime, and overdose levels are reaching all-time highs.

Just this past weekend alone, the border patrol apprehended nearly 2,000 illegal aliens in the Del Rio sector of the border alone.

Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens wrote on Twitter, “As previously mentioned, the Del Rio Sector accounts for nearly 50% of all large groups apprehended by the US Border Patrol.”

Owens went on to say, “Groups of 100 are bad, now we are seeing groups over 200, 300, & even over 400! In the past 48 hours, agents encountered 8 groups totaling 1,780 migrants!”

This is proof that the border is in full-on crisis mode, and the Democrats need to open their eyes to the calamity that is unfurling before their eyes.

Why the far-left doesn’t care about the southern border

At this point, it is impossible to deny that there is a crisis on the southern border.

So why do Democrats not care?

Many leftists view open borders as an important first step towards their vision of a Marxist utopia.

As previously mentioned, you cannot have a nation without a border, and that is exactly what many of these socialist want.

Many leftists are foolish enough to think that allowing these people to come into America is somehow the right thing to do in a moral sense.

What they do not realize is that many of these people are dangerous folks, and if they aren’t, they were likely smuggled into America by bad people.

The best thing America can do at this point is to finish Trump’s border wall and keep the border as secure as possible.

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