Thomas Massie was stunned when the most unlikely ally joined his effort to defund the Biden regime’s dystopian “kill switch” mandate

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The Biden regime is pushing a mandate that would require auto manufacturers to install a “kill-switch” on every car in America and threaten the very foundation of freedom and liberty.

And up until recently conservative Congressman Thomas Massie seemed to be fighting the battle against this authoritarian nightmare alone.

But Thomas Massie was stunned when the most unlikely ally joined his effort to defund the Biden regime’s dystopian “kill switch” mandate.

Recently, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) attempted a heroic stand against a federal mandate buried within the $1 trillion infrastructure bill President Joe Biden, Democrats, and the Republican establishment forced into law back in 2021.

This mandate, requiring all vehicles manufactured after 2026 to include “kill switch” technology capable of disabling the vehicle “if impairment is detected,” has rightly stirred up a storm of controversy.

But what’s even more surprising is that while it seemed as though this was yet another fight for liberty Rep. Massie would be left to fight alone, an unexpected ally has shockingly emerged in the form of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Yes, you read that right.

AOC, the self-described “Democratic Socialist” and queen of woke, has joined forces with Massie in opposing the ominous “kill-switch” provision.

As anyone should when presented with such a mandate, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez explained that she has “genuine civil liberty concerns,” acknowledging the potential threat to Americans’ fundamental right to travel freely.

Rep. Massie has expressed disbelief at the idea of the government becoming the “judge, jury, and executioner” of such a basic right as one’s ability to travel freely within the United States.

And he’s not wrong.

This mandate, tucked away in the infrastructure law, mandates technology that can “monitor the performance of a driver,” and “prevent or limit motor vehicle operation.”

Yet, despite these clear stipulations written in plain English in the text of the bill, Democrats took to the House floor to vehemently deny that the bill includes any “kill switch” mandate or provision to monitor Americans’ driving in anyway – a blatant lie.

It’s a classic case of gaslighting, leaving many to wonder if Democrats have even read the legislation they overwhelmingly voted for and, in many cases, used as a basis for their re-election campaigns.

Those Democrats who haven’t outright denied the existence of the mandate, but still support the measure, argue that this technology aims to reduce drunk driving.

However, the language of the law contradicts their denial, explicitly stating that the system can “prevent or limit motor vehicle operation” if impairment is suspected.

This move toward a government-sanctioned “kill-switch” eerily echoes dystopian visions of sci-fi mastermind Philip K. Dick.

Dick, famous for works like Blade Runner and Total Recall, envisioned societies obsessed with crime prevention, willing to crack down on “crimes” before they occurred – a concept he termed “pre-crime.”

The eerie parallel between Dick’s fears and the reality of a mandated “kill-switch” should give us all pause.

The sacrifice of privacy and civil liberties in the name of safety raises important questions.

How far are we willing to go to prevent potential dangers, and at what cost?

It’s essential to address the serious issue of drinking and driving, which claims thousands of lives each year.

However, creating a police state that monitors and controls citizens’ lives in the name of safety requires careful consideration.

How much privacy and freedom are we willing to surrender?

The lack of public debate on this significant issue is alarming.

The mandate was quietly slipped into a massive spending bill without proper discussion or scrutiny.

Rep. Massie’s efforts to fight this mandate and uphold the principles of the Fourth Amendment, ensuring protection against unreasonable searches, should be lauded by every American from all walks of life, and more Republicans should be encouraged to follow his lead.

As we hurtle toward 2026, the looming deadline for this mandate, there’s still time to challenge it.

Massie’s uphill battle to expose the truth about the “kill-switch” and rally public support for civil liberties is a beacon of hope in these uncertain times.

In a world where freedoms are at stake, it’s crucial to stay informed and question the encroachment on our rights.

The fight for liberty may be challenging, but it’s a battle worth waging.

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