Thomas Massie was at a loss for words after Tucker Carlson made this groundbreaking revelation

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For more than two years Americans have been told that the ordeal at the Capitol on January 6 was the biggest attack on the country since 9/11.

But as more information is coming out that narrative is becoming far less believable.

And Thomas Massie was at a loss for words after Tucker Carlson made this groundbreaking revelation.

America is finally waking up to the lies Democrats have been peddling

For the last couple of years, Democrats and some Republican ruling class elites have perpetuated the myth of January 6.

Many would like the American people to believe that supposed “domestic terrorists” – which Democrats define as anyone who voted for former President Donald Trump – tried to mount an insurrection to overthrow the entire U.S. government on that day.

Democrats even went so far as to assemble a Congressional Committee to investigate the out-of-control protest, yet they found absolutely nothing they could present to the American people that actually backed up their claims.

But recently, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson began releasing previously unseen security footage recorded in and around the Capitol on January 6, which shows that Democrats are once again lying to America. 

The footage released by Carlson showed that Capitol Police were not viciously attacked, but rather, they initiated the mayhem by firing flash bang grenades and tear gas into otherwise peaceful crowds, and even escorted protesters around Capitol Hill. 

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) recently joined the Fox News host for an interview in order to shine some light on this footage. 

“You’ve exposed so many lies tonight with these tapes that it’s changed my perception of what happened two years ago, and I was there,” Massie told Carlson. “The tapes of people milling peacefully about, and my hat’s off to your producers for sitting over there and going through hours of this.”

“There’s some really strange behavior on those videos, people behind the police lines in plain clothes, touching them on the shoulder, talking in their ear, walking around boundaries,” he added.

This is not what you expect to see at a “violent insurrection”.

What the security footage at the Capitol does reveal is that there is more to the story than Democrats have let on, and that they’ve unsurprisingly not been honest with the public.

Now that Tucker Carlson has shined a light on what really happened on January 6, it is about time for House Republicans to dig a bit deeper. 

The lies and distortions peddled by Democrats over the past two years have cost taxpayers a tremendous amount of money, all while dividing the nation even further. 

Not to mention all of the protestors who were thrown in prison immediately following January 6, and have either been sentenced to years in prison even though the aforementioned security footage – aka major evidence – was withheld from them during trial, or are still in jail even though they have yet to be tried or even given a trial date.

The January 6 Committee owes an apology to America

The bottom line is that the January 6 Committee, which was the driving force behind spreading lies and distortions about January 6, owes the American people a big apology.

January 6 was undoubtedly an out-of-control ordeal that should have never happened, but Democrats made it seem as though America itself was in jeopardy of total destruction.

This is exactly why Americans should not trust Democrats and their extreme agenda. 

The Left has proven that they will do absolutely anything to deceive the public and divide America even more than it already is. 

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