Thomas Massie remained cool under fire as this radical left-wing Congressman launched an assault in the Capitol

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Kentucky’s Thomas Massie is undeniably one of the most principled and rational Members of Congress the nation has seen in years.

The MIT-trained engineer, inventor, and cattle rancher is smart, witty, ideologically consistent, and principled.

And Thomas Massie remained cool under fire as this radical left-wing Congressman launched an assault in the Capitol.

Massie smacked him down with facts

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) has quickly become one of the leading Freedom First voices in Congress.

And he is arguably one of the most principled Congressman in modern history.

But anti-gun radical left-wing Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) decided Congressman Massie was the person to target for a political stunt in which he flew off the handle in the middle of the Capitol and began yelling and confronting Republican Members of Congress.

The corporate-controlled media headlines called it a Congressional shouting match.

But in fact only Congressman Brown was screaming and shouting while Massie remained very calm, rational, and loaded for bear.

Onlookers almost felt sorry for the ranting and raving Bowman, as he looked like a mentally deranged individual you typically see yelling about the “end of days” in Time Square.

Because as is always the case with the Left, they have no actual rational, fact-based arguments for their anti-gun fervor.

But Rep. Massie had all the facts at the ready, and proceeded to launch a full-throated defense of freedom and the Constitution.

However, that didn’t stop Bowman from launching his own insurrection in the U.S. Capitol.

The New York Democrat stood in the doorway screeching and screaming at every Republican who walked by.

While most just scurried past the raving anti-gun extremist, Congressman Massie saw an opportunity to actually engage a Democrat on the issue.

But Bowman was having none of it – because after all, facts, rationality, and truth have no home in the Democrat Party anymore.

“They’re freaking cowards. They’re gutless”

“They’re cowards!” a unhinged Bowman ranted. “They’re all cowards! They won’t do anything to save the lives of our children at all. Cowards! Pressure them. Force them to respond to the question, ‘Why the hell don’t you do anything to save America’s children?’ And let them explain that all the way up to Election Day in 2024.”

“They’re freaking cowards,” he added. “They’re gutless.”

For his part, Massie remained largely calm and collected during the incident.

“You’re just screaming at me,” Massie told Bowman.

“We have guns here to protect us, and he doesn’t believe that kids should have somebody to protect them,” Massie added, addressing reporters who were witnessing the deranged Democrat’s meltdown.

Every time Bowman screamed a question at Massie, the Kentucky Congressman tried to answer using actual facts, figures, and truth, rather than emotion, conjecture, and left-wing talking points.

But Bowman refused to let Massie respond without screaming in his face again and again.

Typical tyrant’s tactics

Rep. Bowman is yet another example of the radical left-wing tyrants who want to rule every aspect of innocent, law-abiding working class Americans’ life.

To these petty despots, there are rules for the ruling class elites, and rules for the common folk.

They are to be protected by heavily armed stormtroopers from the “little people” at all times, but the working class has no such rights, according to Bowman and his anti-gun fascists.

To them, it’s perfectly acceptable for little children to be killed by deranged transgender activists in so-called “gun free zones” while the rich and powerful have access to all the fire power they need.

Thankfully, Freedom First fighters like Thomas Massie are working to defend law-abiding Americans’ rights and freedoms.

The American people just need to send more like him to Washington, D.C.

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