Thomas Massie released possibly “the most important” January 6 video yet. But you’ve probably heard nothing about it

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Democrats and their media allies have gone to great lengths to push their narrative that January 6 was an “insurrection” orchestrated by Donald Trump and his supporters.

A key part of that narrative was thrown into question though after Thomas Massie released possibly “the most important” January 6 video yet.

But you’ve probably heard nothing about it.

Remember the January 6 “pipe bombs?”

On January 6, 2021, amidst the events transpiring at the Capitol that day, reports emerged that supposed “pipe bombs” had been discovered at both the Democrat National Committee and Republican National Committee’s respective headquarters in Washington, D.C. just blocks from the Capitol Building itself.

From there, a narrative emerged that a lone individual had placed both “pipe bombs” at the DNC and RNC headquarters the night before January 6, to serve as a diversion from the events at the Capitol, thus feeding into Democrat theories about an orchestrated “insurrection.”

“Investigators are considering the possibility that the devices were part of a plan to divert law enforcement resources away from the Capitol as rioters began to force their way in,” CNN reported on January 26, 2021. “The devices were placed out in the open.”

Mysteriously though, despite being able to use facial recognition and other advanced, albeit unconstitutional, surveillance tools, to identify thousands of Trump supporters who were merely at the Capitol that day, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been completely incapable of identifying the purported “pipe bomb” planter.

And there may be a truly sinister reason as to why the FBI and other agencies have been incapable of identifying the suspect – there may have never been one to begin with.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) recently released surveillance footage of Washington, D.C. Metro Police and Secret Service’s discovery of the alleged “pipe bomb” outside the DNC.

In the video, an individual can be seen walking up to the Metro Police vehicle parked outside the DNC and talking to those inside before walking over to a black Secret Service vehicle, talking to those inside, and walking away.

Strange… Very strange

The individual who walked up to the officers’ vehicles is supposed to be the person who alerted the Secret Service and Metro Police to the fact that the supposed “pipe bomb” was literally just feet away from them, sitting in a nearby bush, but something strange occurs after the individual allegedly does so – both the Secret Service and Metro Police act as though nothing has happened.

It took both the Secret Service and Metro Police over two full minutes to even get out of their vehicles, and they proceeded to merely walk around and talk outside the vehicles for minutes more, even allowing passers-by, including children, to walk within feet of the supposed bomb as if it wasn’t even there.

While other law enforcement officers stood around, one Capitol Police Officer eventually walked right up to the bomb and snapped a photo of it with his cell phone and proceeded to give the other officers a “thumbs up,” signaling that he got the picture.

“The remainder of the available footage shows the original Metro PD car and Secret Service car leaving and another police car arriving at the scene,” Revolver News reported of the video. “Unfortunately, the video stops there. We are, however, told by several reliable sources with direct knowledge who have seen the extended security footage (not yet public) that shortly thereafter, authorities will respond with a bomb-safe robot that retrieves and ‘disables’ the pipe bomb in question.”

Now, obviously, the extremely lackadaisical attitude both the Secret Service and Metro Police had to being alerted that a pipe bomb was planted feet away from them at the DNC is enough to raise eyebrows.

But things get a bit more interesting when you learn that the reason Secret Service and Metro Police were stationed at the DNC at that time was because then-Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris was inside the building.

That fact was concealed for a year, until media reports on the one-year anniversary of January 6 revealed that Harris was at the DNC at the time, and a subsequent CNN report revealed that she came within just a few hundred yards of the device.

Still to this day, though, Vice President Harris has still yet to publicly ever mention the fact that she was in the DNC on January 6 and had to be evacuated for a pipe bomb, even though it would seem to be something she could leverage much in the same way virtually every Democrat attempted to use their presence at the Capitol on January 6 to boost their political profiles.

Kamala Harris’ silence speaks volumes

In fact, on the one-year anniversary of January 6, despite the fact that her presence at the DNC had been exposed, Harris gave a speech commemorating the day, and talked about the fact that she was at the Capitol that morning but left, without ever mentioning why she left or where she went, even though it would have been politically advantageous.

“On that day, I was not only Vice President-elect, I was also a United States Senator,” Harris said in her speech at the time. “And I was here at the Capitol that morning, at a classified hearing with fellow members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Hours later, the gates of the Capitol were breached.”

“I had left,” she added. “But my thoughts immediately turned not only to my colleagues, but to my staff, who had been forced to seek refuge in our office, converting filing cabinets into barricades.”

So why would Secret Service and Metro Police officers who were entrusted with the then-Vice-President-elects’ protection act so nonchalantly about a supposed “pipe bomb?”

It’s a question we may never get a definitive answer to, but the truth is starting to come out.

As a matter of fact, according to a bombshell new report from Blaze Media’s Steve Baker, the individual who alerted the Secret Service and Metro Police to the “pipe bomb’s” existence wasn’t just a good Samaritan – it was a plainclothes Capitol Police officer.

Needless to say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And much like other events surrounding January 6, as more and more evidence and facts actually come out, the more it seems the official narrative is crumbling.

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