This women’s rights activist just turned her back on atheism in a shocking admission about faith

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In recent years, it feels as though the world has been flipped on its head and then spun around.

People are lost in the haze of radical ideologies being pushed by the ruling class elites and the major cultural institutions they control.

And now this women’s rights activist just turned her back on atheism in a shocking admission about faith.

Dissident Dialogues brings together “the world’s foremost thought leaders”

Our modern-day society places a lot of emphasis on diversity.

Sometimes, it feels like it’s too much to bear.

But there is one form of diversity that we could all benefit from — diversity of thought.

Having a good understanding of contradictory viewpoints, ideologies, and the like is a healthy way to approach life.

Enter Dissident Dialogues.

Dissident Dialogues hosted their first two-day event earlier this month in New York.

The purpose of the event was to bring together, “The world’s foremost thought leaders and heterodox philosophers” in order to allow, “Exceptional minds from around the globe” to, “Delve fearlessly into the most pressing questions of our time, encompassing diverse topics.”

Some of the topics that speakers addressed included, “The future of feminism, the meaning crisis, the decline of the West, [and] the God-shaped hole.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali challenges Richard Dawkins on his view that “there’s nothing”

Prominent women’s rights activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, was in attendance for the inaugural event.

Ali, a Somali-born author, is a vocal critic of Islam, and has been pushing back on religion in general as a self-proclaimed atheist for much of her career.

But now, she says that God has changed her way of thinking.

“What you value in Christianity is something that really is absolutely necessary to pass on to the next generation,” she said from the stage.

Ali stressed that her previous work and that of many atheists today is “failing” the coming generations “by taking away. . . moral framework and telling them it’s nonsense.”

Speaking to one of the most prominent – and downright radical – atheists in the world, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, she explained how her past atheist views on religion have been corrected.

“You’re coming from a place of ‘there’s nothing,’” she told Dawkins. “And what has happened to me is, I think I have accepted that there is something.’

Ali challenged Dawkins to reconsider his position and soften his heart on Christianity.

Dawkins came to “persuade” Ali but she says she has “come to her knees”

“Like you, I did mock faith, in general, and probably Christianity in particular, but I don’t do that anymore,” she explained.

Ali encouraged Dawkins to, “Accept that there is something.”

“There’s a powerful entity — for me, the God that turned me around,” she said.

“I have come down to my knees to say that the people who always had faith have something that we who lost faith don’t have,” she continued.

Dawkins’ conversation with Ali was long awaited after he criticized her newfound faith in an open letter late last year.

“I came here prepared to persuade you, Ayaan, that you’re not a Christian,” he said before admitting that he might be wrong.

“I think you are a Christian, and I think Christianity is nonsense,” he said.

While Dawkins’ heart might not have been changed by her newfound philosophical views, Ali’s confession won’t go unheard.

Ali boasts a following of over 500,000 followers on social media, and her new website “Restoration” is breaking the chains of the Atheism movement.

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