This woke Democrat’s hypocritical response to reported attacks on women will send your blood pressure through the roof

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These are certainly not the best times to be a law-abiding American in a Democrat-controlled city.

Crime is up, criminals are getting a free pass, and those Democrats who are enabling the entire ordeal can’t even seem to comprehend that it’s their own bad ideas that led to the current mess.

And now this woke Democrat’s hypocritical response to reported attacks on women will send your blood pressure through the roof.

Last May, Jordan Nealy, who is homeless and developed a reputation for being violent, began harassing and threatening passengers on a New York City subway.

Former Marine Sergeant Daniel Penny intervened when Nealy repeatedly said, “I’m going to kill you” and “I’m prepared to go to jail for life” – he even stated that he was “willing to die.”

Penny put Nealy in a chokehold to restrain him and prevent him from following through with his threats to harm others, but Nealy later died.

Predictably, Democrats zeroed in on the fact that Nealy is black and Penny is white to claim the former Marine’s actions to defend himself and other law-abiding New Yorkers were somehow “racist,” and are going all-in on imprisoning him for manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

His prosecution is the exact type of thing that could cause many Americans to hesitate before stepping up to help others who are in danger, or even being assaulted.

One woke New York Democrat who has sought to demonize and target Penny is Democrat City Council Majority Leader Amanda Farías.

Farias complained about the supposed “lack of justice” Nealy received.

A woke extremist through and through, Farias’ greatest hits include tweeting about the need “to significantly divest from police precincts,” and pushing for “the reduction of NYPD’s operating budget and partnering alongside the community to create real solutions and justice for New Yorkers.”

Farias just outed herself as a total fool

But now, Farias just made a total fool of herself.

The NYC City Council’s “Women’s Caucus,” of which Farias is an active member, recently took to social media to condemn recent reports of attacks against women on the Democrat-controlled city’s streets.

“We are deeply disturbed & concerned about widespread reports of attacks against women in NYC that have been confirmed by the NYPD,” the “Women’s Council’s” wrote on X. “We’re calling on the NYPD for an immediate and comprehensive investigation into these incidents with transparent updates to the public.”

The tone-deaf post by the Democrat-controlled group is ridiculous on its face because it’s their own woke extremist policies that have directly led to the attacks.

“Where are the men calling this out?” Farias commented on the post.

And that’s when people justifiably let her have it.

Farias is no friend to actual victims of violent crime

“They are being arrested and charged by you guys,” Stephen L. Miller replied, reminding Farias that she’s helped lead the charge to throw the book at Penny.

Karol Markowicz posted a picture of Penny being escorted by police, and wrote, “So hard to understand why good men aren’t stepping in.”

A user named Mel had the best response, directly calling out Farias by showing her social media post demanding “Justice for Jordan”

“The last time a man in your city stood up and protected innocent women being harassed by a vagrant, you demanded he be arrested and prosecuted,” Mel added. “Unfortunately for the women of NYC, they’re reaping everything you’ve sown.”

The sad truth is that women are being attacked in New York, and likely will be in ever greater numbers as a direct result of the woke extremist policies being forced on the nation by Farias and her Democrat friends.

Some major retrospection is in order here, not to mention policy changes, but history suggests we shouldn’t hold our breath.

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