This union-commissioned poll blew up in Democrats’ faces and proves Republicans are winning a crucial battle

With the 2022 Midterms approaching, Democrats are frantically altering their strategy in a last ditch effort to hang onto power.

They thought their latest move could flip the script, just as it’s done for them before.

But this union-commissioned poll blew up in Democrats’ faces and proves Republicans are winning a crucial battle.

Are Democrats really this disconnected from reality?

Even the most deranged Democrats in Washington, D.C. today know that they’re in trouble.

Whether they’ll admit it publicly or not, Democrats know that their strategy of going as far to the Left on every issue as they possibly can has already turned a strong majority of Americans against the Party, with more of their voters fleeing their insanity everyday.

But despite all that being abundantly clear, Democrats apparently also have it in their heads that they are still winning key battles, namely education.

You see, despite the fact that Democrats lost their first statewide race in Virginia in a decade this past November almost exclusively on the issue of the Left using public schools to brainwash children, they honestly believe they’re still winning the education fight.

They honestly believe everyday Americans would prefer to have their toddlers learn about Critical Race Theory, be the subjects of radical gender experimentation, take part in Drag Queen Story Hour, and the rest of the radical Left’s push for cultural Marxism, rather than learn about math, English, actual history, and actual, real world science.

Well, that was until their left-wing allies at the nation’s largest teacher’s union, the American Federation of Teachers, chose to commission a poll to finally prove the American people trust Democrats more with education than they do Republicans.

And it blew up right in the Left’s faces.

The American Federation of Teachers commissioned a poll through Hart Research Associates that asked one simple question: “In general, do you have more confidence in the Democrats or in the Republicans to deal with education issues?”

After polling registered voters in seven battleground states with that question, the poll revealed that Americans trust Republicans more on education issues than Democrats.

When the question of who voters trusted more was asked “in general,” the results came out with Republicans leading by a 39-38% advantage.

But the rest of the polls results prove the trust gap is even wider.

According to the poll, the number one issue voters believe is facing education and public schools is the fact that it’s too politicized, and voters put the bulk of the blame for that on Democrats by a 33-28% margin.

And while all other rational humans on Earth who received such news would reconsider their approach and strategy, that’s not the radical Left’s style.

Doubling down is definitely more in their wheelhouse, though.

They’re never going to learn

In response to the poll, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten predictably flew off the handle.

After all the decades she has put in to spread Democrats’ propaganda and turn government schools into leftist indoctrination camps – not to mention the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars the teachers unions have spent to achieve those goals – Weingarten wasn’t about to take such results lying down.

And her brilliant plan to immediately change the fact that Americans trust Republicans more with education than Democrats almost solely because of Democrats’ radical Marxist education agenda, is for Democrats to ramp up their attacks on Republican efforts to stop the Left’s Marxist Critical Race Theory indoctrination program.

“While extremist politicians are trying to drive a wedge between parents and teachers by banning books, censoring curriculum and politicizing public education, we’re focused on investing in public schools and the essential knowledge and skills students need,” Weingarten claimed.

“We’re focused on accelerating learning, not just catching up. We are fighting for the conditions and the climate students need to thrive like state-of-the-art buildings, with good ventilation, lower class sizes and mental health resources,” she continued unironically.

Of course, students wouldn’t need learning “accelerated” rather than playing catch up, or a significant portion of the mental health resources made available to them, if it weren’t for the extended lockdowns and government school closures Weingarten used every ounce of political capital at her disposal to make and keep a reality for over a year.

At the same time, if Randi Weingarten and Democrats want to see this poll results and the current political climate as a license to double down on the extremist aspects of their Marxist agenda, by all means, be America’s guest.

That type of strategy would only result in Democrats accelerating the current Hispanic exodus from their Party, not to mention the acceleration of all other remaining rational humans from their Party, as well.

Democrats are hanging by a thread, with almost only militant radical leftists, brainwashed minions, and people who simply haven’t woken up yet remaining in their ranks.

And that’s only because the corporate-controlled media, powerful, deep-pocketed special interest groups, like teachers unions, and billionaire global elites who want to bring down America, have been propping up Democrats and the alternate reality they need to exist to survive.

So please, Randi Weingarten and the rest of the Left, double down on cultural Marxism — please, attempt to continue brainwashing people’s children and then stripping them of their parental rights.

It’ll only make the process of cleaning up their mess that much easier.

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