This unhinged rant against Donald Trump proves Keith Olbermann needs a padded room and straightjacket

Donald Trump broke the brains of many self-proclaimed “journalists” in the corporate-controlled media.

The greatest example is disgraced, failed, and demented former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann.

And this unhinged rant against Donald Trump proves Keith Olbermann needs a padded room and straightjacket.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real phenomenon – it’s like an epidemic wreaking havoc all across these United States.

Many left-wing radicals have been forced to seek literal professional counseling as a result of the manufactured anti-Trump hysteria created by the so-called “mainstream” media.

And Keith Olbermann might be the grand test case for a self-proclaimed “journalist” who suffers from TDS, while also contributing to the culture that creates TDS.

Olbermann has gone on many unhinged rants against Republicans over the past couple of decades, and he’s been absolutely obsessed with doing the same to Trump since 2016, but this rant may just take the cake.

After Trump went on an unhinged rant of his own in which he called for the “termination” of the Constitution in light of what he believes was a stolen 2020 election – a comment he’s since walked back for obvious reasons – Olbermann called for the former President to be arrested by the U.S. military.

The controversy began when Elon Musk released the first batch of what he has dubbed the Twitter Files, which showed that the Bigen regime and social media giant colluded to bury The New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hello” in order to prevent Trump from winning re-election in 2020.

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump raged on Truth Social.

That triggered Olbermann – and honestly, many conservatives who have long fought this exact type of Democrat mentality of simply scrapping the Constitution when things don’t go your way – leading the former SportsCenter co-host to claim Trump was somehow overthrowing the government.

“Again, this isn’t difficult: Trump just threatened to ‘terminate’ the constitution,” a deranged Olbermann said. “Send a military detachment to Mar-a-Lago, seize him, detain him in a stockade or brig, and try him in a military court. This is an open attempt at a Revolution to overthrow the government.”

First, if Trump’s comments amount to a “revolution,” especially when most conservatives also took issue with the comment, it’s going to be a very small revolution – he’s not exactly doing the best job there.

The idea of sending in the military to arrest Trump is psychotic.

Trump later tried to clarify his comments by suggesting that by literally calling for “the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution” he wasn’t actually calling for the termination of the Constitution, and that the Fake News was simply twisting his rather clear words.

“The Fake News is actually trying to convince the American People that I said I wanted to ‘terminate’ the Constitution,” Trump claimed. “This is simply more DISINFORMATION & LIES, just like RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, and all of their other HOAXES & SCAMS.”

“What I said was that when there is ‘MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION,’ as has been irrefutably proven in the 2020 Presidential Election, steps must be immediately taken to RIGHT THE WRONG,” he continued. “Only FOOLS would disagree with that and accept STOLEN ELECTIONS. MAGA!”

To his credit, Trump is correct that Big Tech, Fake News, and unelected bureaucrats colluded to suppress information damaging to Joe Biden in 2020.

They were undoubtedly horrendous actions undertaken by corrupt actors, and there is no mechanism for re-doing the election.

But that doesn’t excuse the fact that he called for the “termination” of the Constitution.

At the same time, Donald Trump throwing a fit and spouting utter nonsense on TruthSocial isn’t justification for sending in the U.S. military to arrest him like a terrorist.

That is next-level crazy, but so is Keith Olbermann.

Is Keith Olbermann too insane and extreme to get another “mainstream” gig?