This ultimatum from one prominent Democrat may have just sealed Joe Biden’s fate in a 2024 rematch against Donald Trump

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Woke extremists and their equally authoritarian counterparts within the Democrat establishment have been jockeying for total control of the Party for years.

Joe Biden’s 2020 objective was to unify the Party in order to weaponize a strong coalition against Donald Trump.

And now this ultimatum from one prominent Democrat may have just sealed Joe Biden’s fate in a 2024 rematch against Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump has undoubtedly forever changed the discussion on illegal immigration and border security policy.

Both establishment Democrats and woke extremists have used this issue to berate Trump for refusing to follow the status quo on illegal immigration – continuing to allow millions of illegal aliens to flood into the country each year while simply kicking the can down the road with one amnesty proposal after another without any regard for actual border security measures that will effectively deal with the issue.

During the 2020 election cycle, President Joe Biden made it clear that his candidacy was just about undoing everything that Trump had accomplished.

That meant pursuing open border policies and refusing to listen to the calls for help by border patrol agents along the southern border.

Biden was able to unite establishment Democrats and woke extremists this way, because they had the chance to block Trump from achieving his hallmark policy of a border wall, while justifying massive expansions of bureaucracy and welfare programs

Democrats are so adamant about refusing to give even the slightest impression of a Trump victory that they are currently accusing Republicans of withholding funding for Ukraine, simply because there is a provision in the bill for funding the border.

As a result, some of the largest illegal alien caravans in human history started making their way towards the U.S.

Throughout the Biden regime, illegal border crossings have skyrocketed while Democrats worked overtime to hide any evidence of lacking border control, causing major problems in our communities.

In other words, their failure meant Trump was right – something Democrats would never allow to be acknowledged.

Border states fed up with President Biden and Democrats’ open border agenda decided enough is enough, and began transporting illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled “sanctuary states.”

Some Democrats were finally realizing the problem with out-of-control immigration, and began slowly coming out to call for action at the border, including woke extremist Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) and somewhat moderate Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

For weeks, Democrats began realizing that open border policies were way too radical, and began demanding that negotiations with Congressional Republicans be initiated.

Biden has been addicted to the thrill of having the radical Left behind him, and in fear of losing their support, he has ignored these calls for fixing illegal immigration.

Now, Fox Business is reporting that Senator Manchin has stated that he intends to meet with President Biden “in the coming days to move him to the center.”

When asked again if he would make a third party, independent run for President, Manchin made it clear how serious he was about this push.

According to Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino, “he also indicated he is seriously thinking [of] running on a @NoLabelsOrg prez ticket if Biden doesn’t move away from his leftist first term governing style…” while indicating this is conditional if the GOP were to nominate Trump – a very likely scenario.

This puts a lot of pressure on Biden, who has been embracing the radical Left in his campaign. 

While Manchin stated he would never be a spoiler, he said that is only because he would run to win.

The entire situation reminds us of when Ross Perot siphoned enough votes from former President George H.W. Bush’s 1992 re-election effort, which resulted in former President Bill Clinton winning the White House.

Joe Biden will have to make a massive decision: either come back toward the center or guarantee his defeat in November.

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