This U.S. Senator just handed Joe Biden a smackdown for lying about the border

Joe Biden can’t seem to keep the facts, or his own story, straight.

And more and more people are calling him out for his misstatements and missteps.

But this U.S. Senator just handed Biden a brutal smackdown for lying about the border.

The crisis at the southern border is out-of-control.

And so are Joe Biden’s lies about it.

While millions of illegal aliens flood across the border unchecked, Joe Biden claims it’s all “under control.”

Meanwhile rampant crime, drug smuggling, and human trafficking continues right under Biden’s nose.

The American people don’t like being treated like morons

And more and more elected officials are willing to stand up and call Biden out for the border crisis.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) ripped into President Biden over the border crisis, and saying Biden has “lied” to the American people as migrant encounters surge to record levels.

Kennedy spoke on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus to discuss the latest on the illegal migrant surge, where he said Biden has “opened” the borders and “lied” about the issue. 

“President Biden talks a lot about democracy, as we should,” Senator Kennedy told the show’s host Harris Faulkner. 

“Democracy depends on the mutual acceptance of rules, norms and institutions. President Biden’s southern border policy has undermined that principle. He has completely opened the southern border, and he has looked the American people in the eye, and he has lied and said the border’s closed,” Kennedy argued.

“They don’t like being treated like a moron,” Kennedy continued. “They don’t like the President lying to them, and when they call the President out, they don’t like the President calling them Nazis and racists.”

Faulkner, who recently visited the southern border, noted the severity of the crisis as she witnessed the brutal conditions firsthand.

We have no idea who’s coming across the border

“What I’ve learned is that we have no idea who’s coming into this country,” Faulkner said. “If our Border Patrol agents weren’t there, if our National Guard was not there, if Texas had not spent nearly $1,000,000,000 so far on its operation to help its own citizens, where would we be?” 

Harris’ remarks came shortly after New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed an illegal alien mother committed suicide at a shelter recently in the Big Apple. 

Adams, of course, blamed Republicans for the “failure” as illegal aliens continue to make the treacherous journey north.

But Kennedy was having none of it, pointing out the trickle of illegals being bused and flown to places like New York are just a symptom of Biden’s policies. 

“Most Americans lock their front door at night,” Kennedy said. “They don’t lock their front door at night because they hate everybody on the outside. They locked their front door at night because they love people on the inside, and they want to know who’s coming in and out of their house, and that’s the way most Americans look at the southern border.”

But America’s front door is wide open

There have been over 2.1 million southwest border encounters in fiscal year 2022 so far, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data. 

And no one knows for sure how many illegals are coming in undetected, or who they are, what they are bringing with them, or where they end up.

But Biden’s open-door policy is causing serious problems with crime, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and disease.

The increase in illegals coming into the country has also put major financial strains on states and cities around the nation.  

In fact, Fox News’ Bill Melugin reports the number of illegal “got-aways” is nearing 1 million this year alone.

Senator Kennedy has a way with words and is willing to call Biden out for his lies, if only more were willing to step up and do the same. 

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