This top Senator just unleashed on this overly powerful government agency

Today’s federal government is more bloated and more corrupt than at any time in recent memory. 

And reports indicate some bureaucracies are merely acting as glorified brown shirts for the Biden administration. 

Now this top Senator just unleashed on this overly powerful government agency.

The four branches of the federal government

Back in elementary civics class, you were taught that there are three branches of the federal government that each have a unique set of checks and balances to prevent one branch from wielding too much power. 

This system of coequal branches of government is central to America’s federalist system of government. 

But these days the system is teetering on collapse. 

Today’s federal government has effectively four branches, Congress, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and the Executive branch bureaucracies. 

Out of these four, the bureaucracies are by far the most bloated and powerful arm of the federal government, and agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation are now nothing more than Joe Biden’s personal henchmen. 

But now it appears as if the FBI has a much more sinister job, covering up Joe Biden and his family’s criminal enterprises. 

Recently, some brave whistleblowers at the FBI revealed that the FBI made it their mission to cover up illegal activity committed by Joe Biden and his thug son, Hunter Biden. 

And fortunately, there are some in Washington, D.C. who are not willing to look the other way. 

Senator Ron Johnson stood up to Joe Biden’s secret police

One of these people is Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin who just said on Fox News that “Listen, I’m not shocked, but it’s outrageous that the FBI would be tipping the scales of justice the way they’re doing,” 

He went on to say, “I have no faith in Christopher Wray of conducting this investigation, but it’s important for the American public to understand the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop in December of 2019. They certainly saw the evidence of what I think is criminal activity on that laptop. They’ve done nothing.”

He concluded his remarks by saying, “Here we are in the end of July, early August of 2022 — what have they done with it? So, no, you can’t trust this Justice Department and FBI to get to the bottom of this.”

Those are some very powerful words from Senator Johnson and they reveal that even sitting United States Senators cannot put their trust in the FBI. 

That is scary and disturbing to say the very least. 

The fact that the FBI is actively trying to cover up Hunter Biden’s crimes is not just neglectful, but it makes the FBI complicit and accessories to these crimes. 

At the very least they are obstructing justice, which is a significant crime, and it is about time that Congress holds people accountable for these actions. 

Unfortunately, given the Democrat majority in both Houses of Congress, nothing is going to be done about these illegal actions by Biden’s FBI. 

The good news is, many experts believe the House and perhaps the Senate will flip this November, giving Americans hope that this corruption will be investigated in the next Congress.

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