This top Republicans used two words to describe Democrats’ latest plan for illegal aliens that sent the media into hysterics

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

The leadership in Democrat-controlled cities and states seem to be making decisions about the Biden border crisis that make things worse for the country rather than better.

Every day Democrats take more and more egregious actions that only increase the national influx of illegal aliens.

And now this top Republicans used two words to describe Democrats’ latest plan for illegal aliens that sent the media into hysterics.

“Absolutely unacceptable”

Democrat “leaders,” like New York Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, recently decided to house illegal aliens in government school gyms.

But Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is not happy about it, saying that the move is “absolutely unacceptable,” and that these decisions are “why Republicans passed the strongest border security package in our nation’s history.”

Stefanik said that Democrats are “sacrificing America’s children’s safety and happiness to prioritize the needs of illegals.”

After Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott began bussing illegal aliens to New York City, the area has been met with an overflow of people, leading to a major crisis. 

And while the bussing situation isn’t new, the issue was brought back to light when it was uncovered that New York City started housing illegal aliens in government school gyms.

According to Mayor Adams, the city was out of options, agreeing that it was a “drastic” decision.

The Big Apple has also stirred up controversy by bussing hundreds of illegal aliens to other counties including Rockland County and Orange County.

Some reports even revealed that homeless veterans have been removed from hotels to accommodate the tidal wave of illegal aliens in upstate New York. 

Adams claims that his city is “carrying this entire burden. The national problem is being laid in the lap of New Yorkers.”

According to Governor Hochul, New York state is helping the city “find places that will be welcoming,” and she wants to make sure “everyone understands the challenges we’re facing right now.”

Hochul also said that she wants the Republican majority in Congress to pledge $1 billion to help the city, and to allow illegal aliens to work.

The Governor said that Republicans “have the ability to allocate more money,” and asked them to “give us a billion dollars for New York. Help us with the money, help us with the work authorization. And then we’ll get through this much sooner.”

This rhetoric is very similar to that of the Biden regime, who accused Republicans of deciding not to approve funding for more measures at the border, while also asking for an immigration reform bill that includes amnesty for the more than 20 million illegal aliens already inside of the U.S.

Republicans fight back

As the battle over safety and resources continues, Republicans say that the White House has only made the Biden border crisis worst thanks to Democrats’ open borders policies, like ending Title 42 and reducing border enforcement staff.

Additionally, many Republicans say the Biden border crisis is also worsened by Democrat-controlled cities, like New York, that have put “sanctuary city” policies into place.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) told Fox News that it is “outrageous that [Hochul] now wants the American people to subsidize New York’s failed sanctuary policies. Upstate New York counties that stand for the rule of law should not be forced to pay the price for those that have embraced dangerous and illegal sanctuary city policies.”

And Rep. Nick LaLota (R-NY), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said, “Those who entered the country illegally, or who are manipulating our asylum laws, should not displace law-abiding taxpayers from their government services. Veterans, the homeless, the mentally impaired, and other Americans in need deserve better.”

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