This top Republican just delivered a devastating blow to the White House

After just 16 months in office, everything that could go wrong for Joe Biden has gone wrong.

And the scary part is, we’re not even halfway through Biden’s term.

Thankfully this top Republican just delivered a devastating blow to the White House.

At this point, it is fair to say that Joe Biden has made nearly every single aspect of life in America worse than it was under Trump’s leadership.

Gas prices are sky-high, inflation is breaking records by the day, crime is out of control, and people are not going back to work as fast as expected.

These factors, among others, are creating a firestorm, the likes of which we cannot yet comprehend.

Very little is going right for Joe Biden, and the only reason he has been allowed to get away with it is that Congress is not willing to hold Biden accountable for his failed policies and shady past.

But that could soon change entirely.

During a recent Congressional hearing, Representative James Comer of Kentucky pointed out to Congress just how corrupt Biden and his family really are.

According to Comer, Hunter Biden had some top-secret business dealings with two wealthy Russians, and it just so happens those two individuals are omitted from the sanctions that Biden is implementing on Russia.

How convenient.

Odds are, this is no mistake.

Comer said, “We have asked for information from the White House as to why this omission from the two people that we know transacted money to Hunter Biden’s account.”

“So, this is a national security risk,” Comer added, “and maybe the reason is that Hunter Biden is compromised, and therefore, Joe Biden is compromised with some of these Russian oligarchs and some of these shady communist China companies”

This is as corrupt as it gets folks.

The Bidens are quite literally doing backroom deals with top Russian and Chinese officials for White House access.

Unfortunately, the Left is quiet as a mouse about these egregious business dealings.

But that may change entirely this fall.

In November, voters will head to the ballot box to decide who will be in Congress, and all indications are pointing to a massive red wave.

If Republicans take control of the House this fall, then it is time to grill Biden for the corrupt scoundrel that he is.

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