This top fake news commentator just made a startling confession about Biden’s failures

At this point, it almost goes without saying that Joe Biden is a complete failure of a President. 

Rarely has a United States President done so much damage in so little time. 

In fact, Biden is doing such an awful job that even this far-left, top fake news commentator just made a startling confession about Biden’s failures. 

Joe Biden is one of the biggest failures in modern American history

Ever since Joe Biden took the oath of office in January of 2021, the nation has been on a rapid decline. 

Just about every aspect of life in America is now far worse under Biden than it ever was under the leadership of President Trump. 

As far as the economy is concerned, inflation is at a 40-year high, prices are skyrocketing, the stock market is falling, and businesses are facing labor shortages across America. 

But it’s not just the economy that is struggling.  

Crime is raging throughout the nation, woke culture is actively trying to groom young children, the southern border is a complete mess, and the United States military has been transformed into a twisted social experiment. 

The silver lining in all of this calamity is that Americans are slowly waking up to the root cause of these woes. 

And the root cause is the radical socialist policies of Joe Biden and his administration. 

Americans are sick of this downgraded way of life, and for proof, just look at Joe Biden’s pathetic polling numbers.

A Quinnipiac poll taken just the other week shows that Joe Biden has an approval rating of 33%, which is one of the lowest approval ratings of a sitting United States President ever recorded. 

Even Joe Biden’s allies are beginning to turn on him

Joe Biden’s 33% approval rating not only proves just how unpopular he is, but also that many of his fellow Democrats are jumping ship. 

This was evidenced by a surprising remark made by avowed socialist, and notorious fake news commentator Van Jones. 

Van Jones is a commentator for CNN who spent the last several years lamenting the success of the Trump administration. 

But just the other night, Van Jones made a remark that shook all of CNN’s 20 audience members to the core. 

According to Jones, “I think for African American voters, in particular, there is a special heartbreak because, first of all, the pain is more intense.” He added, “You know, the rising gas prices, food prices, really walloped the black community in a particular way.”

Jones went on to say, “But the hopes were so much higher.  And so, you have a community that came out in huge numbers in 2018, huge numbers in 2020, expecting things to get a lot better, and instead, economically at least, it didn’t come true — it got worse. And so, you’re going through a summer now of heartbreak with black voters. The polls show that, and I think Biden’s got to take it very seriously.”

 For once, Jones is somewhat right.  

Joe Biden pledged to make life for all Americans – especially black Americans – better, but things are worse off now than at any time in recent memory. 

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