This top Congressman just dropped a truth bomb on Merrick Garland and the DOJ

The federal government is more powerful than at any time in history. 

At the snap of a finger, the feds can ruin your life through the use of shadow judges and secretive warrants. 

But this top Congressman just dropped a truth bomb on Merrick Garland and the DOJ. 

The broad scope of the federal government is destroying America

As it stands, the federal government is extremely powerful and very dangerous. 

This is particularly true of the Executive Branch bureaucracy. 

Whether it be the NSA, IRS, FBI, or DOJ the federal government is prepared to come after anybody who steps in the way of Joe Biden. 

This fact was on full display during the troubling raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, and people on both sides of the aisle are scratching their heads over whether this raid was legal and acceptable. 

One such person is Representative Mike Turner of Ohio. 

Last Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation, Rep. Turner did not hold back on the troubling raid on Mar-a-Lago. 

Rep.Turner unleashed on the administration, saying, “We know Attorney General Garland himself has taken responsibility, said he approved it. And the American public want the Attorney General focused on issues like human and drug smuggling at the border, Chinese espionage, out-of-control crime in our cities.”

He went on to say, “To take these resources and apply them here, certainly, the American public wants to make certain this is not an abuse of discretion.” 


The American public does not want valuable law enforcement resources to be used to raid Melania Trump’s closet. 

What the Mar-a-Lago raid means for the future of America

At the end of the day, the raid on Mar-a-Lago was one of many troubling power grabs committed by Joe Biden’s regime. 

Don’t forget about the 87,000 IRS agents the federal government is trying to hire. 

Just about every Executive Branch agency has gained power over the last year or so and this means that the other two branches of government are less powerful than ever before. 

This completely undermines the system of checks and balances and co-equal branches of government, which is central to America’s republic. 

What Joe Biden and his handlers are trying to establish is a dictatorship of sorts, where the Legislative and Judicial Branches operate as mere formalities. 

There is no denying that the Executive Branch wields enormous power, and it is time for the people to stand up to this tyrannical government. 

Biden’s FBI has transformed a well-trained federal law enforcement agency into little more than woke jackboots for the far-left. 

Rather than pursuing crimes like human trafficking, massive drug smuggling at the southern border, and organized crime, the FBI is out dealing political retribution for the far-left. 

If the GOP is able to take over Congress this November, then they need to make sure every one of these executive power grabs is checked and investigated. 

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