This top Biden advisor was left speechless after one talking head refused to accept her lies

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No one wants to be caught off guard looking like a deer in the headlights.

But Biden regime officials have had this dazed and confused look a lot lately as they struggle to find new ways to explain away Joe Biden and Democrats’ immense failures.

And this top Biden advisor was left speechless after one talking head refused to accept her lies.

A total clown world

Americans would typically hope the people running the U.S. don’t look like idiots when they go on national TV.

But over the past several years, the media has looked more like a circus sideshow as Biden regime officials go on shows hosted by Democrat activists to spread their lies and look like a bunch of clowns.

The days of the United States having competent leadership are long gone.

And as you can see the American people are paying for the lack of leadership every single day.

Everything from our avenues of transportation to our pocketbooks are suffering under the lack of knowledge and leadership from Joe Biden.

But the sad thing is the Biden regime is not changing course, and is instead buckling down even harder on their policy objectives.

Instead of changing course on his economic failures, Biden is now pushing a term called “bidenomics.”

Of course, if anything, “Bidenomics” will lead America into an even worse economic position the longer the nation has to deal with this madness.

But the Biden regime has its talking heads on a speaking tour, trying to convince the American people that the grass is greener on the other side if they stick with Biden’s failed policies.

The only problem is, no one is buying their new talking points on “Bidenomics,” not even the media.

No more Biden lies on CNBC?

White House economic advisor Heather Boushey went on CNBC this past Wednesday to pitch “Bidenomics” to the network’s audience.

Usually, CNBC is centered more to the Left on issues than you would imagine.

But this time around they weren’t too friendly to Biden’s new talking points.

After being asked about the increase in inflation caused by the “American Rescue Plan”, Boushey claimed the President “has prioritized inflation.”

“[Biden] has prioritized inflation, but what he’s prioritized as well is making sure that we get this economy back on track, we get people back into jobs, we provide that economic security so that families can thrive and doing so in a way that’s allowing American business to thrive, with the massive investments that we’ve seen across the country because of that suite of legislative policies that the president has put into place,” Boushey claimed. “We’re now up, I believe, $490 billion of private sector investment all across the country to do those investments in semiconductors and clean energy.”

CNBC’s Joe Kernen couldn’t take the lies anymore, and asked why Biden is polling so poorly on the economy.

“What do you think the average person would need to see to change their – how they feel, their perspective?” Kernen asked. “This is what we deal with a lot. And you can say polls are — one day they’re one thing — but consistently the President’s approval rating for economic issues is underwater, and lately it’s been below 40 percent. So, do they – I mean, I don’t think you’d say that they don’t know how they feel about things, or that they’re incorrect in feeling concern or feeling like they’re having trouble making ends meet because of inflation. You would identify with them, but how come they don’t seem to be clued in on all the great things that are happening?

If President Biden is going to run on the economy, he might as well stop running for re-election now.

Working class Americans are feeling the pain caused by his economic failures firsthand.

And putting lipstick on a pig isn’t going to stop them from seeing it for what it is.

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