This Texas city was just forced to issue its third emergency order extension thanks to Joe Biden’s total incompetency

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

The Biden border crisis isn’t improving and it’s no surprise that illegal aliens continue to walk into the country en masse.

And while Republicans in border states like Texas have stepped up to try to stop the bleeding it’s still not enough.

Now this Texas city was just forced to issue its third emergency order extension thanks to Joe Biden’s total incompetency.

El Paso is overwhelmed

El Paso, Texas is located just across the U.S.-Mexico border near the town of Juarez.

The city’s government has warned that its resources have been completely overwhelmed by the huge influx of illegal aliens brought by the Biden border crisis, and that the issue has now created a public safety crisis.

As such, El Paso has been forced to extend an emergency order, which authorizes the city manager to assign personnel and resources to deal with thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border – also known as the U.S. government’s job – for the third time.

According to the city, the emergency order has been extended to address “significant public safety and security concerns related to the wave of migration.”

Some of these concerns include injuries and even deaths perpetrated by illegal alien criminals who also walked across the border, overwhelming the city’s resources.

The El Paso City Council first instituted its emergency order in May after the Biden regime eliminated Title 42 and ended restrictions and procedures put in place to deal with illegal immigration during COVID-19, and then extended it again in June.

When Title 42 was in effect, anyone entering the country illegally was allowed to be exported back to their home country quickly, even if they wanted to seek asylum, due to the public health risks.

But after Title 42 was eliminated by the Biden regime, over 200 illegal aliens were released into El Paso in the month of June alone, according to the emergency order.

The influx caused overcrowding at the Customs and Border Patrol Central Processing Center, and caused several humanitarian agencies to release illegal aliens into the downtown area.

The El Paso sector of the CBP has dealt with approximately 26,907 illegal alien encounters in May, and over 300,000 since October 2022.

There are four points of access in El Paso along the U.S.-Mexico border, including the El Paso International Airport.

The airport has been dealing with increased security risks as the demand for air travel has increased, and people picking up or dropping off passengers can no longer enter the airport without a plane ticket.

A city in crisis

The city of El Paso established a welcome center providing transportation assistance to over 1,000 illegal aliens per day in September 2022.

By October 2022 alone, the center had provided long-distance charter services and approximately 39,000 meals to 19,300 illegals.

Officials say they have reallocated 29 COVID-19 operations staff members to help as migrant shelter staff.

They have also created a classification system for future support staff employed by the city, partnering with several non-governmental and humanitarian groups.

But the emergency order was unanimously passed by El Paso City Council with the approval of the Mayor.

The order will automatically be repealed on August 31, unless another extension is approved beforehand.

As it stands, there’s a very good chance that El Paso will end up seeing its fourth emergency order extension in a row by the end of the month.

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