This terrifying Christian movie promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen

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Many Christian movies have the stereotype of being the type of “feel good movies” that run endlessly on the Hallmark Channel.

But this Christian film isn’t here to give you the warm fuzzies and it could end up being one of the most influential movies of the year.

And now this terrifying Christian movie promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

We don’t need another Hallmark Christian movie

Most of us have probably seen the average feel good Christian movie. 

It usually has someone struggling in life, they find God, then *puff* like a genie in a bottle all their problems are solved, and the future looks brighter than ever. 

Now, this might be what some people want to see. 

Such a plot makes you feel good, and there’s no denying that faith can send someone’s life on a 180 for the better.

But most tend to dread seeing a squishy Christian movie, as they seem to lack substance in the same way that modern Christianity lacks a real message today. 

Today, if you go to your local mega church, you will most likely hear a message about how all we need to be is nice to each other, and smile, and that’s the extent of our Christian obligations to get into Heaven. 

This feel good message is the same message we are getting from squishy Christian movies. 

We all know that there is more to being a Christian than just having a smile on your face and being overly passive.

Christians need to face the fact that we are in constant battle with evil, and our society is ground zero for the battle between good and evil. 

Just look around. 

Do you really think our society is heading down a righteous path? Do you think we are a biblical nation?

No we are not – at least, not anymore. 

The soul of our society is at stake, and right now, Christian values are losing because most Christians don’t even realize that we are in a spiritual war. 

So that’s why it’s a breath of fresh air to see this Christian movie that doesn’t hold back any punches. 


Conservative icon and podcast host Steve Deace wrote a book entitled, A Nefarious Plot, which is about a demon named Nefarious who reveals his sinister plans for the United States. 

And now, his book is getting a movie adaptation entitled Nefarious, starring Boondock Saints star Sean Patrick Flannery, and directed by Chuck Konzelman, who previously directed the hit films Unplanned and God’s Not Dead.

And boy, does this movie not look like your average Christian movie. 

Just take a look for yourself. 

Your skinny-jean-wearing Pastor might not survive this movie, but it’s exactly what they need to see. 

Unplanned was criticized by many Christians for bringing the real horrors of abortion to the movie screen, but it turned out to be one of the most pivotal cultural influences that promoted the pro-life cause.

Make sure you take both your non-believing friend, and your passive Pastor, to see this breathtaking movie on April 14. 

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